Monday, December 21, 2009

How Low can a Blogger Sink....Stick With Me and You May Find Out

Today I received an unexpected glowing comment on my blogs from my dear cousin, Ken, (the husband of Lonni who is the cousin who is responsible for my attempting this blog in the first place)  and I was in the process of writing him an email thanking him for the feedback when I suddenly realized (after I got into the second or 3rd paragraph) that I was wasting decent blog material on a one-on-one letter and I really should plunk my thoughts onto my blog so that anyone who wants to eavesdrop on my exposed, naked  thought processes would be able to get another dose of same. 

I have the terrible feeling that this is cheating of the worst kind, but what do I care??????  I never professed to be 100% a paragon of virtue, so here, without further ado, are  the words I was going to send to Ken for anyone who cares to read it.   I really have concocted a good excuse for this loathesome behavior.....  The thoughts expressed therein are valid for anyone who has been enjoying reading my mind so I don't feel totally rotten about doing this.  And if I get a lot of complaints about this that will be fine with me......I will rub my hands in glee.....oh, boy.....some comments....!!!


Ken. my darling:

Oh, thank you for leaving a comment, and such a glowing one. I am blown away by your confession that you check my blog several times a day to see if there are any new entries. That is just the sort of encouragement I need.....(sometime I check my blog several times a day too......first to see if I have made any new entries ( well, I could have performed some magic while my back was turned.....after all I am an ancient person and also a Gemini which means I have an evil twin ) and secondly to see if any of my vast fan base has left any seems that feedback is more important to me than it should be.......I guess I am more needy and more susceptible to sweet talk than I ought to be......sob.....sorry about that.......another vile character flaw exposed)

I am sorry too that I have slowed down a bit in writing, but some days it just ain't there..........this bloggin has ramifications that I did not think about when I first plunged in so blithely........there are hidden responsibilities it seems.  I guess what I will have to do is what newspaper columnists or cartoon strip artists do......get a few dozen items ahead so as not to disappoint my panting public....yes, all 5 of you.    I promise that I will continue to leave deposits of my random thoughts as often as possible. I really do enjoy it and now that I have started incorporating pictures once in a while I find it even more interesting (though I am having a very devil of a time getting them placed where I want them and making the page agreeable. Dunno why I am finding the tools for this process to be cumbersome or entirely lacking.  However, I will keep struggling till I get it more or less right.)

Thanks again for your encouragement and give my love to Noa and Lonni.


The Blogging Fool

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  1. Thanks Lois! The blogging world is pretty lenient, so I doubt this would be considered cheating. Also, with 23 entries (so far) in December, I would say that you are maintaining quite an impressive pace of blogs. I doubt that most bloggers can say they average one entry per day.