Friday, December 4, 2009

The Loneliness of the Cyberspace Blogger

12/4/09 Less than a week at blogging and already I have a complaint. Hell, when I write an email I often get an email in return. When a writer's book sells the writer gets a royalty. What does an earnest blogger get ??.....bupkas. Only one brief comment so far ( though I must confess I have had several encouraging emails......)Oh, well, old blabby here doesn't really need a dialogue I guess. Sigh. I wonder how long it takes before one gets used to being naked in IS a very strange feeling. As I often say to my email correspondents....."more later".


  1. Lois- I am loving your blog. You have me laughing out loud! You could never blog me into unconsciousness. Keep it coming! :)Lonni

  2. Oh! And I LOVE that picture of you.

  3. blogging and painting sound very similar!