Wednesday, December 9, 2009

still struggling to create spacing

OK.....managed to center the lines and probably would be able to justify right, but that doesn't solve the problem of controlling spacing and creating paragraphs. Sob.

Reading some items in the "help" stuff indicates that one can create paragraphs using "p" bracketed by the left and right carats.
I shall see if this works. Also, suggests that one use the Enter key to space down. Could it all be that simple??

By George.......some of this seems to be working......could this be a "eureka" moment? Tenks gott.

Holy moly......I have also learned that one CAN correct errors in a previously published entry. Oh frabjous day ! Oh my.....if one could only correct ones's Life Blunders" by hitting a key labelled "Edit Post".
.......dunno.....perhaps it is just as well that no such key exists. Some of what we call blunders are possibly our most shining moments.....or, at the very least, our most important lessons.....

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