Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dr. Freudenstearn Will See You Now

Everyone who knows me will tell you that I have theories up the wazoo about everything related to the Sweet Mystery of Life.  I have always been a prodigious ponderer and I have shouted "Eureka" so many times during my life that I feel I have wrested ownership of the phrase away from that Greek who first uttered it. (can't remember his name, but you know who I mean.)  At a certain point in my 40's I felt I had finally figured it all out......everything seemed perfectly clear.........that pinnacle lasted all of about 10 minutes before I detected a few weak spots.  From then on things went downhill rapidly and since that moment the more I have learned the less I feel I know and understand.  Consequently, at my current advanced age I usually feel like I know absolutely nothing for sure, understand life not at all and people and the world in general even less. At least you could say I am not deluding myself.....

  However, I recently have had a few moments of clarity during which a few things seemed to come together to make some sense after all....... At this moment my character flaw as a Hoarder of epic proportions has paid off since I never actually discard any of my theories when they crash and crumble.....just toss them into the Broken Theory Closet in the back of my mind and periodically take them out, ponder them and try to fit some of the pieces together in a new structure...........

Ah, that all sounds so promising, doesn't it?  The only trouble is that, since I first started making these notes  for a new day's blog I have forgotten where I intended to go with this. (!)  I can promise you, no one is more disappointed over this fact than ME.  I was so looking forward eagerly to what fascinating morsel of the truth I was going to reveal.   Oy vey........the trouble with being long winded AND ancient is that lately I sometimes find myself approaching  the end of a sentence having forgotten where the hell I was going when I started it.  Obviously, that curse infects blogs as well as casual conversations.  I wonder if there is any hope for a cure????  Sob. 

Oh, well.....I guess for the time being  I had better put those broken theory fragments back into the closet and restate my current condition as being one in which I don't know anything for sure and understand  life even less so don't look to me to explain anything..  Too bad......just when it looked like true enlightenment might be just around the corner Senior Dementia has to set in.......what a bummer.  To all of you out there who are laughing or trying to conceal the fact that you are laughing, go ahead........laugh.......the day will come when you too will get to the end of the joke and realize you have forgotten the punch line.    And for those of you who aren't laughing but are shifting your fannies uneasily in your chairs with uncomfortable recognition........bless you, my poor dears.......cuddle up a little closer and let's at least all keep warm.


  1. I have a memory like that and I'm "only" 48... There is no hope for me!

  2. Oh, Nicola.....thank you for checking in and for standing up to be counted. I hope you will visit often. I admire your blog enormously and am a faithful follower. When I discover the secret to a cure for us I will be sure to first write it down and then let you know.