Sunday, March 21, 2010

What Have I Done?

OMG.  As if I didn't have enough trouble before I had to go be a smartass and offer to do a blog on my late husband, Pete.
Well, it is too late for regrets and recriminations, I guess, but all of you who encouraged me to do said blog will now have to suffer for your kindness.  I have spent all my blogging time this weekend in wrestling with Pete's bio and in producing a series of blogs containing the pages of same.  And you know very well what that means.  Yes, not only did I not get  to work on my taxes but I did not get to deposit any of my deathless prose on a posting for THIS site.  Consequently I am riddled with double guilt......first over the taxes and secondly over depriving you, my beloveds, of  any new goodies to munch on.

Well, I can go one of two ways with this and considering that I do not really need any more guilt I have decided to blame it all on you who encouraged me.  However, being a forgiving soul I will not punish you too severely for your sins.....I have a bunch of drafts and will get around to adding to one of them within the next day or two so do not give up hope.

Hmmmm.....two blogs.........I surely must have been out of my mind......


  1. thanks for stopping by my blog!

    don't put so much pressure on yourself! i can barely handle one tiny blog- i would never be able to take care of two! you're already doing more than most of us :)

  2. Take it easy, Lo.
    First things first!

    Margie :)

  3. Yeah, Lo. It IS only a BLOG, for heaven's sake!(Certainly not important enough to miss out on putting in your Tax return! (They fine us heavilly in the UK for this, so hope you haven't really 'missed the boat' if 'tis the same 'over there'. There was a very interesting programme about the psychological/sociological aspects of blogging/bloggers last night on the World service about 2.00 am (yep, I'm an owl also!)It all got a bit 'academic', but basically, the lady psychologist/anthropologist proposed that as Primates (along with other 'monkeys') we are social animals, and therefore must 'mix' with fellows of our same species. So there you have it - your perfect answer to your Tax Inspector "It's all in my genes, Guv - I just can't help it" (should sound well in court!)Have yet to observe a chimp tapping away on his laptop,but don't think I'll catch any of my cats at it - the feline family have got more sense!

  4. You're not alone. Uncle Sam chased us all the way over here in France.

    Hey - Pete Daily. I'll have to ask my husband, brother and father in law (all jazz fans/jazz musicians) if they know him. Although brother is piano and husband and FIL are sax. My dad was a symphony musician - french horn - and the brass world is small, even if it's jazz and classical.

  5. I'm in agreement with all of the above! :-)

  6. Don't can wait several days between posts and we'll still come around to read them! We all take on a little too much sometimes, and sometimes we just have to press the Pause button. :-)

  7. Not out of your mind, just a creative soul that cannot be contained!


  8. Lo, you may be out of your mind. We have no way of knowing just yet.


    I love your writing style. Very conversational. I half-expect an offer of coffee and Danish (which I would take, by the way).

    Looking forward to more...


  9. I know what you mean - I started a super-duper economics blog that I last updated in December. Sigh