Wednesday, April 28, 2010

wednesday apr 21

Apologies to all..........I have turned into a poor excuse for a blogger.........todayI found more important things to do,,,,,,(if you can believe that)

Took my first shower in my newly equipped invalid shower stall festooned with metal grab bars at every possible spot....sheer heaven.  Then, to celebrate that mountain of clean hair which I have  been hiding under I went to the barber and got a haircut.........finally I can almost recognize that wizened old lady I have been seeing in the mirror.  Also entertained a guilt ridden friend who has been trying to come visit since I first fell down, so it was a pretty full day.

Do stick with me, folks........I still hope to get my momentum back one of these days.

Luv 'ya.


  1. That's a lot to do in one day, when everything takes extra effort. Keep on rolling, and we'll be here!

  2. So...can we now look forward to a new smiling and freshly coiffured head on our screens in the near future? I always find it amazing how a simple visit to a hairdresser perks up most women's spirits!Have a lovely day (but don't take on too much - just yet!)

  3. thanks B.O.G.....I am indeed, should see me zip my power chair up and down the ramp.

    Willie,, no, same head as in my picture now........before the cut I looked like Medusa. outrageous beauty shop doings for me......just a quick $14 trim and now the wind can blow my locks any old way.

  4. Showers, haircuts and friends always come before blogging! Oh and chocolate! :-)

  5. Well I am glad you got a safe shower and a new haircut..and a visit with a did have a good day!:)

  6. Sounds like major progress! Sending good thoughts your way! OX