Sunday, May 9, 2010

Oh, N0..........What Have I Done?

This delivered with much grinding of teeth and heart rending groans.  No, I have not fallen down again......this is disaster of a totally different kind..........Lois accepting herself as capable of the most unblievable stupidity...........

Only a smidgeon of a teaser today.........yesterday I was rattled to the tips of my pink toes by the discovery that I had created the most incredible blunder in the midst of the afghan I  had just finished crocheting..........somewhere in the middle of the thing at about the 30" x 45" point I had negligently overlooked the process of creating the 4th corner and ended up with abomination.........a partially 3 cornered afghan.  Don't ask me how I could have managed this amazing feat........I can only blame my feeble condition, my less than perfect vision and the fact tht I have b een so enthralled with watching Consolee whip out HER afghan in less than a week (gasp) that I simply neglected keeping tabs on what I was doing. 

Anyway, I have had to rip about half of the damned thing and it did cause me much pain to have to do so not to mention much questioning of my mental takes so little to send an old person into fits of worry about dementia that I have attacks of terror several times a day these days........sigh.

Anyway,  I am bravely confessing my idiocy in the hope that you will forgive this offering of a partially indigestible morsel instead of a full meal.  As I have  been known to promise all too frequently............
more later.  hmmmm....I wonder how long I can keep getting away with that?


  1. We all have our senior moments, and this can be aggravated by change, pain, and some medications. I hope you won't let it scare you too much. And I think it's good that you are being honest on your blog...more power to you!

  2. Yeah, but a three cornered afghan makes a wonderful shawl!

  3. Dear BO Grandma.......don't worry......I don't take my senior moments too seriously, despote my ranting above. Thanks for your loyal attention.

    Dear Cat Lady.........what a great idea....why didn't I think of that....only trouble was that half of the danged thing had 4 corners....wouldn't have worked nohow. However, thanks for reminding me of shawls.

  4. No one is perfect it out and carry on!! :)

  5. I reckon you might have invented a new garment there, could make your fortune yet - an AfLo!

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