Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oh, The Shame of It

Holy is a week since I uttered a blog-word to my dear friends and I am deeply ashamed, sorrowful, repentant and whatever.  And it isn't as if I haven't tried......I have sat here staring at the virgin New Blog screen on many a morning and been unable to come up with a swingle word........that, of course, was meant to be "single" but I rather like "swingle"...if it isn't a word it ought to be.

I have also spent many an hour trying to analyze what the impediment is  (very different from writers'  block) and what may have altered within me during my recent trials and tribulations but I keep bruising my nose against a solid blank wall.  However, today is my caregiver's day off and I am detecting an ineffable something........the vibrations are different when I am here alone and when Consolee is here with me...........somehow the solitude seems to have turned off the evil rays which have been blocking my blogging.  Now, don't get me wrong, folks.....I am not blaming Angel-child Consolee.............and it is not simply that, when I have someone to talk to,  the need to blog is somehow diminished because no conversation compares with the sharing that goes on here.  I can only assume that the  distraction of a presence alters my Blogability in some way.  Or perhaps it is simply that Lois, the Hermit is a Blogger while Lois, the gregarious social butterfly is not.  At any rate, I will simply take advantage of this hermit-day and pass on a few photos and random thoughts while the spirit is with me.

First, I must revert to my Pollyanna state and confess that, when the two of us sit in Crochet Corner  gazing out into my little overgrown courtyard where the bougainvilla and jasmine vines spill over the wall in wild profusion, I am constantly reminded that I have the enormous privilege to live in Paradise.  When I ripped out the 3 little sash windows in my living room and installed floor to ceiling glass panels I certainly knew what I was doing though I never envisioned that a klutzy tumble would install me in my recliner to gaze out for so many hours at a time.  Anyway, all I can say is I am certainly glad I did.

Oddly enough,  speaking of bougainvilla,. I have never had such a profusion of blossoms until this year when I have been forced by my enfeebled condition to neglect everything that is growing outside........hmmm.....could it be that plants resent having a Jewish Mother who is constantly pinching their little leaves and muttering, "eat, eat, and flourish, mine kindt" ?

These are potted bougainvilla in the back yard overlooking the pool...........never looked this good in all the years in have wrung my hands over them.

And, here is a rare shot of Baskin, my anti-social  ingrate of a cat who has not let me touch him in the 6 or 7 years I have had him and for whom I went to the trouble of adopting Winnie to keep him from being so you can ploy was a success....he huddles near Winnie whenever he can and basks in her presence.......the little idiot.  He could have had 7 years of petting if he weren't so stubborn....ah well......maybe some cats need to be hermits.........ya think?


  1. Lovely post Lo. I write better when I'm alone. Sometimes I'll have a couple of weeks where I can't stop writing followed by a couple of weeks where I can't think of a thing!

    Great photos in your post too. :-)

  2. Hi Lo, (I love saying that!) Such beauty abounds right outside your windows..seems a perfect setting to me..and if it grows that good without your interference so much the better. So you adopted an ingrate of a cat..does he not like fresh tuna..??
    Perhaps the hermit in you is like the hermit in both need some tasty morsels before you will share.
    Have a great weekend:)

  3. Frog: Thanks, are wonderfully loyal.
    and I appreciate it.'

    Far Side: That silly cat won't even sniff tuna or any wet food.....lives only for and on Kibble. No way to corrupt or seduce him.....

  4. Beauteous pix ~ thanks for sharing!!

  5. Color riot outside. They're just teasing you. See? We can do flowers no matter what! Then one day they'll get too wild and yell Cut me back! Cut me back! Arrrgh. I love that yard.

    Once upon a time I had azaleas all over the place. The first few years I was afraid to touch them (brown thumb syndrome). I killed a bunch of petunias once by fertilizing them, so these azaleas were just going to have to survive their own way.

    Then one year I had to move a few of them to make room for a bigger patio. Those came back the next year stronger than ever. Hmmm ... I read up on how to prune them (it's all about when) and in two more years, I was Mr. Azalea. No matter how rough I was with them, rearranging the yard, they always came back even stronger. I almost think they liked having their roots out for fresh air every few years for the glory of it. LOL. And last time I visited Richmond, they were all huge. Interesting to look at your own garden sometimes and realize every plant has its own personality. "Oh yeah, you never did like it in the sun, did you?"

    And roses like aspirin. Who would know?

  6. Children and plants -- you fuss over them, pray over them, do everything you can. Then you turn your back for a second and they are all grown up.

    As for cats, I am owned by several, and there is no fathoming them. They like it that way.

  7. What a truly magnificent display of colour(color?)At times I wish I hadn't 'emigrated' to the arctic-like Northern Isles of the UK when I see pictures like that, and pine for the 'Sunny Sooth'(but thankfully there are compensations!)
    Baskin could almost be a twin of my Jaffa (named after the brand of oranges we had here many moons ago)- but he's a true British Beefeater (raw sirloin steak!)and lean steak mince.He's 19 coming on 20, so obviously doing well on this diet!
    Yes, 'company' is a distinct distraction to ANY sort of writing (as is the phone)- which is why I like to head off in my old VW campervan to some deserted spot to write.(on the beach at the moment, with nothing but the sound of the waves and gulls to distract me - bliss!)
    Seems like you're almost back to your 'normal' self again. Been a long journey hasn't it?

  8. Kate the Hermit is a great blogger, but Kate who tries to go out in the world and do new things while she's grasping for courage is not a blogger. It's weird. I was a much, much better blogger when I was sad and lonely. Ha!

  9. It's me again,,,Occasionally, well actually quite often, I love to go back and re-read what you have written...I don't always comment, but I always enjoy. I have a huge imagination, and I picture all of this in my mind,,What fun!! Keep blogging dear,,,You have no idea how much I, and several others, enjoy!
    Love, Ida