Monday, June 28, 2010

Desperate Call For Backup

As I mentioned in my last blog, I may have to resort to a photo now and then to keep you darlings amused when I cannot summon up words to titillate you.  (it's kinda like  being in a virtual coma and having to communicate by blinking my eyelashes).  One blink for yes and two for no.  As a person who is in love with words, you can imagine how unsatisfying this is for me, but, better than nothing, I have come to  believe.

Here is a photo of my beloved ex-caregiver, Consolee, modeling her first crochet project, the Prodigious Scarf.  Damn, I wish I had taken photos of her subsequent marvelous creations, a series of gorgeous afghans that made me proud of my student and amazed at my dubious teaching  abilities.
 In the background can  be seen my wonderful Power Chair which enabled me to descend and ascend the ramp to the outdoors during my convalescence.  Happily, now that I am on walker, nay, Cane, I no longer use it and I think it is time to return it to its parking place in the garage to be reserved for street racing with my neighbor, Marge, on her power scooter.  I have no idea how my 2 lb. weights got on the seat.....I blame Consolee since I doubt if the cats know how to use them.

Here is another one of Consolee
with my two babies, Winnie, left and 
Gussie, right.  In the background can be viewed 2 spare oxygen tanks which, happily, are no longer needed,  and in the left middle ground,  a portion of my fabulous front door, designed and partially built by yours truly.  If enough requests are received I will try to dig up the real photos I took of it upon its creation.  (Oh my, you can see how low I have sunk .)

Well, as you can see, I am resorting to photos to hide my lack of creative blogging skill today. (I know I should not consider it that way, but blame it on free floating Jewish Guilt of which I still have a cannot claim to be properly Jewish without at least a smidgeon of guilt.)

Another even more endearing shot of same photogenic personalities.  Gussie looks like a dissolute alcoholic with a dreadful hangover.....I swear I only give her some of the milk from my breakfast cereal........neither I nor my cats consume alcoholic beverages, honest, though I frequently use same in my sadly far from gourmet cooking endeavors.....not to worry, the alcohol cooks off they assure me.  Another great shot of parts of my door, my parquet floor and the grand retro armchair which has been rescued from obscurity as a cat couch and restored to splendor as a thing of beauty and caregiver resting place in Crochet Corner.  I am still trying to figure out why, when I sit in this chair, the cats, rather than rushing to cuddle with me, ignore me with impunity.  Could it really be that my lap is simply not adequate for proper cat nestling?  Sob.....who knew till now that I had such a handicap?  I used to blame it all on fat thighs, but now it appears that is is more likely too-short lap bones.  Well, I'll  be damned if I will have them lengthened for the likes of those guys.....I already know how much that would hurt.......'s all for today come again for more goodies and perhaps even a humorous word or two.


  1. Wow Lo

    It's been a long day and you've made me finish it (well almost - my own blog to write next!) with a smile!!

    The cats are gorgeous - as is the young lady holding them........

    Keep getting better

    Liz x

  2. Write as little or as much as you like, Lo. You do it well and always wrap it up with something to smile about.


  3. My cats have delusions of becoming lap cats, but alas I have no lap -- as one of my friends says.

    I believe cats can appear quite intoxicated on milk, and have you spoken to your cats about cat-nip?

  4. Hi Lo, Well you still make me smile..all that blinking once for yes, twice for no..or was it once for no and twice for yes? Consolee and the Crochet project turned out great..I am easily distracted by photographs..what the heck..they say a picture is sometime worth a thousand words:)

  5. Hi Lo, thanks for dropping by and commenting on my blog. I think you are marvellous - I hope I have half your vitality at 82 - If i make it that far!

  6. For someone who thinks they can't blog you do remarkably well! I have just found some Pete Daily on Spotify and am listening to it as I write. Wonderful music.

  7. I have to laugh. When I have absolutely nothing to say, and put out some dumb non-article, I never feel guilty! Here you are putting out quality stuff even when you aren't able to blog! LOL!

  8. Did really make that door? You must be really crafty. Well, parquet flooring is very common and much considered by house owners and builders. My husband used to do house projects and he already did some works in his parents' house in Indianapolis. Your cats are lovely. What are their breeds?

  9. Reading your post is like being given a virtual tour of your place! And I adore your caregiver’s name: Consolee. I can trust that name.