Friday, July 30, 2010

She Keeps Coming Back....... Like the Tide (or Heartburn)

Well, my dears, it is long past time that I reappeared after surviving having my throat cut.....sorry for the long silence, but I found this so-called simple little operation quite taxing. Perhaps I can blame it on the fact that the surgeon (no doubt a stellar fellow at his craft) chose to execute a bit of creative stitchery on my jowls, therby making it impossible for me to turn my head to the right. I have made various jokes about this situation including giving thanks that I had not spent a fortune for tickets to Wimbledon or Forest Hills thus being able to watch only the left half of the tennis match. However, It has made me.....well.......grumpy to say the least.

I have also found myself a bit woozy or light headed and have questioned my doctors as to whether this sudden renewal of blood circulating to my brain has perhaps proven to be too much of a strain for the ancient plumbing therein. I have been roundly laughed at for this theory so I have decided to keep it to myself from now on. (It makes perfect sense to me !) However, I seem to be improving a bit day by day and decided today that I have been sufficiently self indulgent, lounging around indolently on overstuffed sofas and cosy recliners wondering what interesting stuff has been going on in the right hand side of the room that I have been missing. (not a damned thing, of course).

So here I am, back at my blog post, generating some of my usual nonsense. Actually, my plan is to attempt to conjure up some goodies from the past for your delight and contemplation.....depending on whether or not I can manage to wrench forth a few more drawings from the insatiable maw of the picture files. My wonderful cousin, Bruce, just visited me today and brought a bounty of precious stuff which his father had saved (his father, my cousin Bud, who has appeard in these pages somewhere was undoubtedly the world's most accomplished Pack Rat and his offspring are still discovering stuff in his treasure trove even after years of selective culling. What Bruce found was a whole bundle of samples from my line of greeting cards which I had sent to Bud during the late 50's and which are in amazingly pristine condition looking crisp and spritely though a little dated. Many of these I recognized but did not even remember doing......I was quite a busy bee back in those days apparently. With all the drinking and carousing I indulged in back then, I can hardly understand how I had the time or the stamina do so much actual productive work.

Anyway, without further ado I will attempt to summon them from their hiding place.

Congratulations                                But You Go On Forever

Now to try for a couple more. Only trouble is that, once again, I am having trouble putting the type where I want it so I will sinply say that the card  below, right has an inside caption that reads," For Medicinal Purposes Only".

I guess it is only fair that I attempt to display the inside drawing of

Wish me luck.

And with that I think I will quit while I am more or less ahead.  That is the best I can do in my weak and enfeebled condition.........Enjoy


  1. Hi Lo, Glad you are up and about..even if you are a bit grumpy. You have had your share the past few we will hope this is the last of your hospital/surgery adventures for a little while.
    I love your drawings..I can't even draw stick men, so I appreciate your talent:)

  2. That feeling of not being able to turn your head is normal ~ it will pass.
    The light-headed-ness is also normal... there are sensors, if you will, in the carotid arteries that help control blood flow to the brain ~ the normal post-op edema (swelling) can play a bit of havoc with these for a while. (you may not see any swelling, but it's there on the inside). Also the [natural] formation of scar tissue could be affecting the sensors, too. This will pass.

    Go slow when first standing or sitting ~ continue being gentle & patient with yourself, dear lady ~~~
    Your long distance nurse ~~~

  3. Lo, this a wonderful blog. Thank you for paying a visit to mine and allowing me to find you. Your drawings are amazing. Thank you for adding some delight to my day...M

  4. Get well vibes swirling your way from over here. You have given me an idea for what just might be going on in the right hand side of the room...

  5. You are still in my prayers for a full recovery.

    I really enjoy your work.

  6. Ah, Lo... Welcome back! You continue to delight with these drawings!

  7. You have a beautiful talent for finding humor and expressing it. The cards are wonderfully charming too - that first one especially reminded me of my guy and myself. We're often to be found trying to shelter under a single umbrella while he hauls either me or my dog out of a particularly difficult hummock in his pasture.

  8. Glad to have you back at the keyboard!

  9. I always enjoy visiting you, Lo! Get well soon. I'm hanging in there myself. I wrote a poem you might appreciate over on my blog. Lordy - we is invalids! ;o)

  10. Things are looking up! Good news Lo. Nice skethces too.

  11. There are a lot of us out here in blog land sending positive thoughts your way. Well done for uploading a post despite what you are going through, very impressive!

  12. What an amazing artist/human/woman you are!

  13. Hello Lo. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my blog. If you hadn't, I would not have discovered your wonderful blog and all the talent, humour and warmth within it.

    I am so sorry to read that you've had a very tough time of late - I admire enormously the way you're coping.

    I will be back - you have such a readable blog.

    Take care of yourself. Kitty :) x

  14. I'm glad you are on the mend. Your theory of the blood rushing to your head disturbing the old plumbing makes sense to to me...


    I love those sketches... keep healing.

  15. I love your cards! I just read your post about Jack the Ripper and girl, ya cracked this Ozark farm chick up! I sure hope your on the mend and are able to watch that tennis match or play the 'pong'(oh,honey, am I old or what!) game very soon.

    Ya'll have a wonderfully blessed day from the hot steamy hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa!!!

  16. HELLO! You're back! Well, you were there all the time, but your blog. And your cards. And your zest for life!

    I find things all the time that I made when I was drinking and I have no recollection of having done anything quite so wonderful. It cracks me UP!

  17. Hello, Lo,
    I don't mean to be a voyer out here -- consider me an unmet friend. I am a nurse in Rochester, Minnesota, who found you through Head Nurse's blog. Love your writing. Nice to know that there are other "cats with nine lives" out there like you. Be gentle with yourself while you heal a little more every day.

  18. Lo, really take it easy. You will be fine, but give it as much time as needed before you start the lap dancing again. Surgeries / procedures like you had are a shock to the system. You just need to take it slow for a bit.

    I adore your drawings, you are so talented!