Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Stroll Down Memory Lane in Pictures

I am so preoccupied with trying to rid myself of various kinds of debris deposited upon me during my worst years of hoarding and pack-ratting that I cannot concentrate on creating blogs with words so I will resort to pictures again.

I just downloaded an odd selection of pics from some of my trips, Turkey, Lake Como, Italy, Paris.  Let's see if I can locate them in my files and offer you a nosh.  To see them better just click on the photos.

At the left is the courtyard of the Louvre with the original building in the rear and I.M.Pei's glass pyramid in the foreground.  I am still not sure I really like the pyramid next to the palace, but then nobody cares what I think.

Top right shows a ritual I always go through when I am in France ( and elsewhere, if I can do it).  Once located in my hotel room I go out and wander the streets till I find a Flower Shop, buy myself a bouquet to brighten my room.  This was a very modest but comfy little room 2 blocks from Notre Dame with a lovely view outside beyond that gorgeous wrought iron window grille railing.  I couldn't have been happier at the Ritz.  In fact, at their prices I would not have been happy there at all.  I hate ostentation and overspending.

Bottom left.....couldn't resist one of the tyical black cats of Paris in a Paris doorway.

Bottom right......I am not absolutely sure this belongs in my pics of Paris....for all I know it might have been Greece or Turkey, but I fell in love with this Lion wherever the hell he is.  Please don't sue.

These 3 shots were taken in one of the most glorious places in the world, Bellagio, Italy on  Lake Como.

There is Lois, sleeves rolled up, getting ready to tuck into a meal.....from the angle of the sun I would guess breakfast or maybe lunch on the balcony of our hotel overlooking the lake.  The photo on the right is from the same vantage point showing part of the view from the cafe balcony looking across the lake (navigable by frequent ferries which docked right next to our hotel.....sooooo convenient.)

Same cafe balcony.  Of course, I always manage to find some critters to feed and the wonderful water fowl on the lake did not disappoint.  Not a bad turnout for just some crumbs,.

These 3 pics were taken along the Turquoise Coast of Turkey.  This is another glorious part of the world.  I believe they were shot near the town of Pamukale.  The ruins on the right were fascinating.....amazingly well preserved.  As you can see they had been carved right into the cliff and represent a good part of a town.  Awesome. 

The falls were encountered on a lovely boat ride we took up the coast......I wish I would have been able to kayak around there like those lucky folks....well, maybe next time.

Ah, this is a sight that makes me faint with joy.....an assortment of Turkish homemade breads on the buffet.  The food on this trip was incredible.....I love Mediterranean/Middle Eastern cuisine and the meals were mind boggling and waistline destroying.

Well, that is enough for one offering.  I have made myself so hungry that I must rush off and stuff my face with something delectable.  I suggest you do the same.


  1. Great travel post. It's a nice treat in the middle of the week. As for the Ritz, that is my kind of vacation. Some spend their travel dollars on food & drink or shopping. I prefer luxurious pampering. But I really don't travel since my home is a comfortable retreat. In fact, we call in the Hermitage now.

  2. I was whisked off to Lake Como by an Austrian painter boyfriend. It was so foggy we couldn't even see the water.
    More travel pics please.

  3. Boy oh boy. I wish I could visit every one of these places. I also wish I could say, as Rosie did, "I was whisked off to Lake Como by an Austrian painter boyfriend."
    Jeez. I suddenly realize my life has been extremely...non glamorous.

  4. That was a treat of a post!
    I loved our trips to Turkey...and that bread!

  5. Beautiful photos - but that bread! OMG! Hold me back! ;o)

  6. You're so funny! You start of some of your posts saying they aren't going to be proper posts and then they turn out to be great posts! Really enjoyed this, from the travel writing to the pictures. You have made me very hungry as well though so I'm going to get me some dinner! :-)

  7. You have brought Italy and Paris back to me, and introduced me to Turkey. Thank you.

  8. Well Hi Lo! You world traveler you..I have not been whisked away anywhere near these places..so I loved your view! That bread looks really yummy..wonderful post..I really enjoyed it! :)