Tuesday, January 4, 2011

the 2011 Challenge

           I am in a very strange meditative, contemplative, brooding or otherwise introspective state.  Unfit for communicating with decent folk for sure.  During my annual year-end Inspection I have  become painfully aware that The Body which has housed my Spirit for, lo these 83 years, has been  broken, mended, re-mended, battered, tattered and torn too many times to count and seems hardly fit for further habitation. However, it is the only vessel I possess to occupy in this life so I guess I am stuck with it for the duration.  I have been trying to figure out  how to Charleston or Turkey Trot or even Boogie into a new year in this dubious condition and don't yet have the answers.  I do hope you precious and beloved people will all stick with me while I figure this out.        I also wish, while I am cogitating, that one of you would advise me about how to control where the type goes when I install a picture or illustration into my blog.  I find I am trapped into this endless column of words which the Blog God keeps rearranging on the page as I type, but am not permitted to create a spaced paragraph without going down to where my so-called toes are.  This is all very disconcerting and I am afraid if I continue to struggle with it I will get so annoyed, enraged and generally hot-under the collar that my glue will melt......a result which I fear would be tragic indeed.....I mean....who knows what the lower portion of my Spirit,now modestly hidden by its fragmented container,  looks like.......mustn't frighten the children, you know.   Or frighten myself for that matter.     Therefore, I am going to quietly withdraw and continue my pondering.  I will surely let you all know if I arrive at any bloggable conclusions.                                                                        


  1. Hope you keep your seams together and your lids on! I'm not that familiar with blogspot, but I think if you chose layout option 'none' when you insert a picture the text will be forced above or below the image.

    And Happy New Year.

  2. I know the feeling Lo! Crickedy old body just refuses to boogie anymore ... unless I'm sitting down ... and even then...!

    It looks like you have your type set to "centre" instead of "right" which may effect your picture. Also, play with the different placements for the picture when you upload it. Good luck.

  3. Even tho my body is slightly out of whack now, I put on my music, and do the slow two step to a wild and wonderful boogie,,,I'm moving!! I love the picture, and read some of your blogs describing your wonderfully funny experiences,,I particully love the one where you got locked in the basement bathroom at your friends home,,,This is the way I still picture you in my mind...I like it this way,I guess reality is just to sad to think about,,My choice, huh!! I can keep the pleasantries in my mind forever, not dwell on the fact that it is the past!! Keep blogging dear,,I really do love them all!!

  4. It must be something in the air. I'm in the same state, and haven't blogged much beyond photos for a bit. Trying to find my way. These past few years my body is a stranger to me, or I am an alien trapped in it. It is very disconcerting, and I wish it were different for us all.

    Ms. Moon is right, you dance here. Hope the mood shifts, but even if it doesn't, I'd be happy to read what you blog about it.

    I'm not sure, but when you load the picture, there should be a choice as to location, and if you select the one that says center instead of left, the text should be below it.

    Is that your art? I love it.

    Hang in there, take goofd care, and if you need a place to complain, this is as good as any, isnt' it?

  5. Stick around, the best is yet to be.

    No wisdom on dealing with blogger -- never ask a first cousin to a Luddite what to do with a piece of tech equipment that won't cooperate unless you really do want to get another.

  6. You will be okay. I am 69 and born with scoliosis and sometimes wish that my person could jump out of this body into a perfectly shaped one. Well, it hasn't happened and I sometimes have a "pity party" and get over it and go on with my life. I wish you a great New Year and so glad I came to your blog. I am going to bookmark it and come back to check on you.

  7. Lo...you make this blog site "jive" so thanks for that!
    Love your humour , love the words...what more can I say? !