Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Aftermath and the Epiphany

The blissful state of being warm and the delightful prospect of being able to get clean have  induced me to wax poetic......

               There are interesting side effects to not having any heat or hot water
               And the main one is probably that you don't get to bathe as often as you orter.
               But if anyone dares to hint that I am odoriferous or, shall we say, smelly
               I will, promptly and  forthwith, kick them in the belly.

Just want to report that I now have not only heat but blessed hot water and I am not only still calm but hellishly grateful.

And, strangely enough, rather than being filled with blind rage at the MF Plumber who, for whatever evil or stupid  reason, misdiagnosed my heating system as being deadly with carbon monoxide gas, I am content and pleased with having made plans to deal with my 22 year old unit before it crashed on me at a less opportune moment.  This is not Pollyanna speaking is, I  believe, the newly enlightened Lo.  I have been working for years toward being able to cope with disasters without exploding with emotions all over the near environs  and ending up a spent but still vengeful victim.

The fact is, that I could easily have cancelled my order for the new system once I discovered  that this old one was NOT leaking deadly gas fumes into my living quarters and could have spent days  and much precious energy venting my rage on unscrupulous people and shady business practices, but, upon thoughtful rumination, I realized that I could not expect this 22 year old wonder to continue functioning indefinitely without's days were certainly numbered.  I had already endured the discomfort of  being without.  I had already transferred the funds into my checking account.  I was already mentally prepared for the thing to be done, so why put it off for some less convenient time when the price will no doubt be even more exorbitant .  Just do it and forget about heating and cooling problems forever. .........and that is what I am doing. And it feels good.

Now, excuse me everybody while I go in and take a long hot shower.  Ahhhhhhhh! Ummmmmmm!

P.S   I want to make it perfectly clear that I am NOT getting my new heating system from the MF Plumber creep who triggered this whole epic, but from the same folks who installed my current system 22 years ago.


  1. Lo -- stopped by to read your post and do like your upbeat attitude. Got some laughs about your plumbing. -- barbara

  2. I'm going to have to backtrack a bit a read the other posts on the furnace adventure.

    I get you on not freaking out when disaster strikes as I used to absolutely terrible for it. Somewhere along the lines (I think it was divorce.. get through that, and everything else is cake) I learned to take things in stride.

    Glad to hear you have heat again, and a new furnace on the way.. better safe than sorry!

  3. Yay, hot water good, carbon monoxide poisoning bad...
    Glad you're back in civilization again! :-)

  4. Just look at the carbon monoxide monitor as also being proactive! :) It's something good to have around anyway!
    Glad you are able to have a warm shower...

    Love your poem!

  5. My soap post today goes very nicely with yours! Thanks for the visit.

  6. The poem is a smile bringer.

    Glad you went with a different installer for the system.

    Enjoy your warmth!

  7. I am so glad that you have hot water again and that you have decided to install a new system. Lovely and positive post. :-)

  8. Glad you are warm and (sniff! sniff!) washed again! ;-)

  9. No one could be happier that you have hot water, and are getting your "kiler" furnace replaced, than me...I know you have to have some peace of mind now and that makes me happy too. Enough already, huh!! Nothing but blue skies from now on!! Love you

  10. Oh, the joys of a hot shower! Do you feel like a million bucks? (That's what my Gram would always say when I took a shower as kid.)

  11. Oh, Lo - that must have felt good - a nice warm shower. And good idea sticking with the tried and true. You know that they know what they're doing. (If that makes sense.)
    Glad I stumbled in here, lots of wonderful writing! :)

  12. Who believes all that carbon monoxide crap anyway? How could we be harmed by something we can't even smell? Oh wait. This is the sort of reasoning John Boehner would use. Backing away, now.

  13. Dear Lo, plumbers suck. I'm so glad you have it sorted now.

    Thank you for your totally genius comment earlier.

    I'm delighted to have found you. I need to read some more of your posts but my irritated boyfriend is trying to get me off the laptop to watch a movie. I shall be back.

    I don't know you yet, but I know you're amazing.

    Much love, Christina xx

  14. You made a good call on the furnace thing and I'm glad you didn't reward the ineptitude (or worse) of the guy who "diagnosed" it.

    I read a novel once about the mountain men of the 1820s-40s. There was a passage in there about how loudly they would grouse and cuss about the smallest things, like rain while they were setting their beaver traps or petty arguments in camp among themselves, but when the chips were really down, like getting caught in a blizzard in the Rockies where a hunting party faced death of exposure, gritty silence ruled the day and they'd all pull together.

    So now you can grouse about the little stuff again. =)

  15. Hi Lo, So happy you have water and that you are have been through the mill..glad to see you didn't lose your sense of humor:)