Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Close Up - Mr. De Mille

The other nite I decided to try to get a photo of Bitsy and Winnie was next to me on the table so I practiced on her.  I think this the funniest picture because she looks like Devil Cat when she is really the sweetest kitty in the universe.

Then I started chasing the real Devil Cat around and got a few decent shots while standing on my head.

The sad part is that when I downloaded them I somehow screwed up and out of 21 pics only a handful are visible.
I am hoping that one of them is of Bitsy and that she looks recognizable if not adorable.

Not too bad but not the greatest.  I will have to try again.

This one might have been OK if the idiot taking the picture had not lost some of the ears outside the frame.....she looks almost saintly which is the biggest con job since theWolf seduced Red Riding Hood into thinking he was Granny.

Sorry about that.

Her fur coat does photograph rather well.

I will attempt to retrieve one more and then call it a day.

I think I have one more of Winnie.  Half asleep but looking rather contemplative........how 'bout dem whiskers?   When I first got her she had nothing but little bristly black stubs.  I believe that the length of the whiskers is supposed to correspond to the girth of the cat so they can judge which openings they can get through.    Hmmmm, Winnie, either I will have to open the doors a bit wider for you or else put you on a diet.........no more num nums for a while, old girl.   Well, maybe we will start the diet tomorrow.........


  1. Devil Cat could be my cat's doppelganger. Also the doppelganger of the stray cat who comes around and eats meals here whom I thought WAS my cat until I saw them together.

  2. One can only do their best, and move on. I'm sure there will be more pix to come and you will have become quite adept at posing your pussies! Come visit when you can... Love your blog!

  3. Gorgeous!! No wonder you love them..I would too. Your photography is great. I try but there always seems to be a strange object in the picture that looks remarkebly like a finger,,Think it's mine??? I could use a lesson from you,,These pictures could be in a magazine,,Great job dear.

  4. Beautiful cats.

    If your cat came to you with very short stubby whiskers, she may have been "barbered". The dominant cat in a colony or group of cats will sometimes chew the whiskers off of the subordinate cats, especially if they are kittens.

  5. Pretty Kitties! My cats are excellent at either A) looking like the very face of evil (Case in Point) of just turning their head entirely so I either end up with a lovely picture of fur or an even lovelier picture of kitty bumhole.

  6. I see the devil lurking in that cat, I really do. There's a a coiled spring inside, and the mind is never at rest.

  7. Hey, a purple laptop, how cool is that? Nice cats too.

  8. Nice to see photos of your family Lo!

  9. So good to see photos of your cats, I can imagine that they keep you very much on your toes!

  10. I am convinced the tortoiseshell gene is linked to the goodness gene. They wobble my heart every time. [R.I.P. sweet Larry]