Thursday, June 30, 2011

Just Checking In with Last Kilowatt.......For Funny Stuff Go Elsewhere

Hello, darlings all.........just want you to know I am still ticking even though I have taken a licking....(anybody remember the old Timex Watch commercial?)

My oldest and only remaining friend from my childhood is having a bad year....something like the one I had last year only worse and my heart is breaking.  She had a small stroke in January,  a disastrous cataract operation
last month and, having gone down to Boston to consult an eye specialist, fell and broke her arm in 2 places before the consultation, ending up back in New Hampshire in the local Hospital.

I am bereft, heartbroken because there is nothing I can do to fix this.  Can't even help.  Of course I have called and spoken to her and will continue to do so, but I can't even send her funny cards.....funny cards are not funny when someone has to read them to you.  Flowers.....nah.   Chocolate......maybe.......  Last time I sent a bunch of Lindt Truffles......Oh, shit, piss, fuck.  Life is indeed cruel sometimes......

I will blog again when my funnybone revives.....meanwhile, it couldn't hurt if you sent good thoughts and a prayer or two to my dear friend, Stel.

Bless you all....and as I always say......DON'T FALL DOWN.


  1. Oh LO, I'm so sorry to hear that.

    You can't imagine how enormously I look up to you for your unbending spirit and humour, but there must be times when it's hard to keep it up.

    Would a cyber-hug across the ether from a transplanted Brit in Greece help at all?

  2. Hi Lo
    I really feel for you at this moment. As one gets older more and more of the people we love pass on to who knows where?
    Try to be positive if you can but I know how hard it is.
    Mr.T and myself are finding amusements regarding old age all the time, like yesterday when he started off out with his slippers on and today when I showed the bus driver my bank card instead of the bus pass. lol
    Got to try to laugh at these things even though we know we are cracking up.... lol
    I'll be thinking healing thoughts for your friend.

  3. Yes, i'll pray for your friend.

    The best gift you can give her is to just listen when she needs for you to.

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  5. Dearest Stel.
    Murphy's Law is certainly coming down hard on you right now. Please do not let Lo off the hook during this time that you dearly need her. Sure chocolate won't mend any of the wounds; but it sure takes the edge off. I recommend that you let Lo know what type of chocolate you prefer. Surely she will take the hint.

    Best wishes for a speedy and comfortable recovery. It's a bitch getting old.

  6. Oh, sorry about your friend's misfortunes. But I dispute the statement that you can't help. Having come through a bad year yourself, you can serve as an example to Stel ---"See, luv, it's possible to smile again". And don't minimize the therapeutic effect of chocolate. I'll keep the white beams glowing for both of you.

  7. I'm sorry to hear about your friend. My dear Nanny's been having a similar year (fell while trying to clean the top of her fridge and broke herself in many places, but is doing better now).

    That reminds me, I should call her. Bad granddaughter.

    Sending good thoughts out to your friend Stel.

  8. Lo, I'm sorry to hear about your friend Stel. I'm also going through "adjustment"...Long term and dear friends dying or getting sick or having accidents. It feels like I'm the last one in the room, wondering where everyone else has gone. No fun and very lonely. I keep looking at others who have gone through this, and worst, and continued on. My thoughts and prayer are with you and Stel that you will both "weather" this storm and find sunshine again. XOXO

  9. Lo ~
    I'm so sorry to hear about your friend~ Please tell her I'm sending vibes for her comfort, healing and strength.
    I agree with Linda ~ YOU can be a shining star for Stel ~ and even cards that have to be read to you can lift your spirits! Or maybe some music that you both enjoy...
    Bless you for being such a dear, sweet friend ~

  10. I will keep your friend Stel in my prayers.

  11. I do remember that Timex commercial - and I know what you mean when you say there isn't anything you can do.. and how... helpless and frustrated that makes you.

    I will keep Stel (and you) in my thoughts and prayers... I hope Stel is up and about and ready to yell, "ROAD TRIP!" with you soonest.

  12. Lo, your friend Stel has my best wishes for a speedy recovery, and a reschedule with the specialist. I'm sorry you're feeling helpless to do more but I'm confident she appreciates your support and conversations. Take care.

  13. Ah, gravity grows crueler every year. I am so sorry, dear. I hope good recovery for your dear friend.

  14. Will do, Lo. Hang in there and tell your friend the same. Growing old is tough but beats the alternative (I think). Hugs from a not so old, old guy.

  15. Make her a drawing and a list of all the things you like about her. And do one for yourself too.

  16. Will definitely send prayers your way for Stel -- and, for you! Last year was my turn for so many to let go or hurt themselves... that's the dark side of getting older, I guess. I know it hurts like hell, though. [[[HUGS]]]

  17. I am not sure I can do praying anymore, but I do do thinking and I light candles for those that I think of. So tonight a candle is burning for your friend, Sel. Another for you. Side by side. Burning brightly.