Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dare I Tell the Truth or Is It Blogger Suicide?

I may regret this till my last day on earth, but I cannot keep it in any longer.  If you love me perhaps you can attribute it to an attack of advanced senility.  And once I have unloaded the thought I am not going to hang around and be pelted by rotten  vegetables, so this will be short and not so sweet.

Like all the other bloggers whom I follow and admire hugely, I have always held Erma Bombeck in the highest of regard.  The epitome of the female humor writer.......the  guru of all of us who struggle through the mud while worshiping the pristine, glowing image on the mountaintop......hell, I think even the male bloggers may feel the same way unless they have replaced Erma with Dave Barry........but that is a different simile (or is it metaphor ) altogether.

What I am trying to say is, I recently ordered 3 or 4 of the Sainted Erma's books thinking I had not read her in years and perhaps a serious submerging of my muse into a bunch of Bombeck might make my blogging sparkle a bit.  The truth is......I am finding myself very disappointed!  There, I have uttered the words.  You may stone me now.

What I am going to say next is even more sacreligious.........I do believe that some of my favorite bloggers are better reads than dear Erma.    Now I must go and sit by the window to await the arrival of either the Mad bomber, the Death Squad or the Wagon from the Funny Farm.  Farewell all.....remember me as I was, not as I am now.


  1. Oh no Lo! I'm not sure WHAT to think. I haven't read any of Erma's books (and now I'm thinking it's best not to) but I certainly live by a few of her quotes!

    I think she (along with Groucho) got a mention at some point in some post or other I wrote.

  2. Our tastes change. No trouble about that, and no rotten veggies, either.

    Sometimes things we read long ago just don't strike the same spark on second reading. That's not a bad thing either. It means we are growing and changing.

    Read what you love best.

  3. The same thing happened to me with what I thought was the funniest movie (shhh, I won't tell). Made my brother watch a tape of it 10 years after the original viewing. Not a giggle in the room. Times change, we's all OK. You're still on top of it!!

  4. Alright. Similar story...
    When I was growing up I thought that Red Skelton was absolutely hysterical. When I saw a recording of his TV show at the local library years ago, I brought it home to share with my children and enjoy reliving those fun times.


    Somethings may be best left in the past to grow fonder with time.

  5. Times change. People change. Maybe Erma changed. That would be my best guess. I haven't read her in years and honestly, have no burning desire to. So here is one who has absolutely nothing to throw because I think you're a great blogger and you amuse me more than Erma ever could.

  6. I think Erma was as funny as we thought she was because she was the vanguard of women writing about their worlds and the genre was new, as well. Today's bloggers have grown up on professional humor from television shows and start out being funny about everything. Apples and oranges. It was a different time and place and I'm sure Erma understands -- or, maybe, it was reading more than one book that underwhelmed you...

  7. As the others have said, time, and we,change. Might send the funny farm wagon if you had not changed in all these years!

    I think Erma and you have this in common: you write from your everyday life experience in which you find the humour, and the pathos, of human life. And that's what I love about you both.

    PS. If you are not familiar with Jeanne Robertson visit

    She is another woman who turns everyday events into the gold of laughter. I especially like her take on the teenager and her boyfriend!

  8. I love reading Emma Bombeck... and laugh at Red Skelton too.

    But.. there are some massively talented bloggers "out there"... like you!

  9. Well I am showing my ignorance because I don't even know who you are talking about. I actually think too many blogs are contrived and far too politically correct. So those that tell the truth, like you are my preference. No veggie throwing here. I also agree that there are talented bloggers.

    Its your blog to say whatever you want and I like your blog because you do. Please don't apologise for doing so.