Monday, July 18, 2011

Photos of Bruno - a Promise Kept

A few weeks ago  (on 6/21 actually) I published a blog about my friend, Bruno Bozzetto, the Walt Disney of Italy......about the amazing way we "met" via the internet and became friends........and promised to find some of the photos we took when we actually did meet in the real world in Milan in 2005.  I have been making ineffectual searches ever since and have despaired of finding the album with those photos, but today, another miracle, I reached out my hand and pulled a book from my bookshelves and it turned out to be that very photo album in the totally wrong place.  Huzzah!

 I have managed to pull the images onto this page I am going to try publishing it.

 There we are in all our glory

He was quite tickled to see how short I was.....his daughters, I think, are quite tall.

There they are ......Anita and Irene (not necessarily in that order)......aren't they gorgeous?

Well, I have had quite a struggle getting these pix to you so I think I had better hit Publish and be done with it.  I actually had help from Iggy of Intense Guy who took pity on me and tried to do some cropping for me.....(thanks, Iggy).  I  fear I will never be dominant in the Computer/User struggle.  Sob.


  1. I have these photos, Lo. I printed them out when you sent them, but it is wonderful seeing them on your blog. I have a lot of "trash" that I should pitch...but I also have a lot of "treasures," that mean the world to me...These pictures are in my "treasure" file..

  2. Wonderful pictures and memories Lo. Glad you found them, and shared them.

  3. Hello Lo, I found your blog today and am glad I did. I've really enjoyed reading your posts and couldn't agree with you more about the evolution of the phone! Sending smiles, Em xx

  4. I am DD, your newest follower. Your profile interests me, to say the least. I will enjoy reading your blog entries. Thank you. Oh, and I have also just discovered blogging!

  5. looks like a great friends and those girls are very pretty.

  6. I agree with Megan, all three of those girls are very pretty!!

    Glad I could help - wish I could of helped more.