Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Biit of Cheer For a Change

After depressing the hell out of you with my vacillations about whether or not to have knee surgery, I feel like I owe you some bit of cheer so, peer below at what I consider a real work of art.

I must give credit to blogger Linda Medrano of
"The Good, The Bad and theWorse",
who led me to a site called, strangely enough, "TheFred Effect".

I simply love this charming creation......hope you will enjoy it too.



  1. Had to LOL....you're too much.

  2. LOL, although after reading a few of the Fred Effect's posts, I'm slightly unsettled now...

  3. Love you, Lo! I haven't been around lately so didn't know about the knee surgery. Have you had it yet? Whether or no, I hope you are doing fabulous in short order.

    A friend just had some kind of arterial surgery behind his right knee. Next, he's having cataract surgery. Me... I've been diagnosed with borderline diabetes - dang it! - and have been trying to watch my diet. Grump!