Sunday, August 14, 2011

Whatever Else You Do.......Don't Use Me As A Role Model


This may hurt you more than it does me.........if I have managed to fool you into believing that I have some "answers" to the mystery of Life or anything else,  well......shame on you.  Gullible, that's what you are.  And I am all of the awful adjectives that get flung onto a Con person which slide off of his or her slick, slippery surface..   Sorry about that, but you enter Blogville at your own risk you know and read and believe at your own peril.  There probably should be one of those "Abandon hope".....signs over the doorway or some such warning......and it seems to me that I HAVE warned you in the past that I am no guru nor am I really Pollyanna..........At this very moment, I am more like Shit-for-Brains cross bred to the Cowardly Lion. 

I have just passed control to the sniveling wretch who occupies the other half of this hellish duplex known as "LO" and she has come up with a number of very meaningful arguments about why I shouldn't have knee replacement surgery.  Yes, at this moment in time I am waffling, I am reconsidering, I am copping out.  I have fallen out of the ranks of "mench" and am roiling about in the gutter with the fallen Shlubs and Nebbishes of the world.   Tomorrow I will go to my Cardiologist and friend wearing a paper bag over my head to hide my shame and calmly discuss my options with him.  I think I may have simply overestimated my abilities and fooled even my own Self......duh.  Talk about gullible......

We will have to wait and see where this whole melodrama ends up......I I do believe I have enough time to change my mind 6 more times and back again before actually checking in.  Meanwhile I will continue to have conversations with all of my various joints and arthritic members and will try to ascertain whether I am really up for this bit or not.

The major question right now is......if I chicken out, do I have to return all those good wishes and words of high praise you have heaped on me?   I mean.....are they like wedding presents or can I keep them anyway?


  1. Of course, you can keep them anyway, but then I don't believe I extended a lot in the way of high praise but rather have been watching to see how it goes. My not so hidden agenda I'm afraid. I've been talking to everyone I know who is familiar with knee replacements and everyone, except for my brother, has said it is well worth it. The PT guy told me the patients he's worked with haven't endured that much pain, but then there is something about where I live -- I don't think the people here feel pain much. Mostly it is a community of farmers and people who do physical work for a living and so that may have a lot to do with it.

    I will be doing the same you are with the going back and forth. Only the not so bright will blindly fall into a surgery. I wonder what your neighbor said about the surgery?

  2. Nah. You keep every good wish regardless of your choice. Do whatever is best for yourself...just keep on posting.

  3. You may keep my good wishes, and prayers that whatever your decision it is the right one, and hopes that all goes well no matter what you decide.

    It's all up to you, and i think you are brave for even considering it.

  4. The ability to change one's mind is our link to the sublime. (I just made that up. I don't even know what it means.)
    Love you, whatever you decide to do and you can just keep all of those wishes for other stuff. You know, transfer them to a different account.

  5. Haha, now I want to make something up too!

    You know what Lou, only frighteningly single minded people or those lacking the imagination to scare themselves witless would find your decision easy.

    You are very welcome to my best wishes whatever happens, just pull them out when the need arises.

  6. You go right ahead and keep my good wishes, no matter what the outcome...

  7. Good wishes are instantly transferable (mine are, at least) from one need to another. So if I wished you well with the surgery, I now wish you well if you decide against it. AND I certainly wish you well with the decision making process, which is probably harder than the surgery and rehab if you want my honest opinion. Good luck, Lo.

  8. It's perfectly reasonable to have doubts and fears, it's a significant surgery.
    Here's a little pep talk:
    My 38-year old brother just had his hip replaced. He wished he'd done it last year when he had the chance. (He's inspired my 54-year old uncle to stop hobbing on his bum knee, so he's going in in three weeks.)
    And my 65 year old MIL has had both hips and one knee replaced.
    Neither of the patients has regretted their decisions.
    You know your health and capabilities, but I figured the fact that I've only heard good things couldn't hurt *g*

  9. Mother, 95, has just had the knee job.
    Day two after the op she was walking with assistance and some discomfort.
    Day three walking on her own with a zimmer frame in the ward, less discomfort.
    Six days down the line, walking round the hospital corridors spreading anarchy...

    it's not me you have to worry about if you cop out...but mother!

  10. erk.
    I still haven't called about mine at all. So you're still 3 steps ahead of me. LMAO

  11. You may keep whatever good wishes I have sent, but, look closely, because in one was the admonishin that you proceed so that you can get back to enjoying the world... I rest my case...

  12. G'day . You are welcome to the good wishes that I sent to you. Your decision is not an easy one. Whatever you decide, I wish you all the best. No one can make the decision for you. I hope you find some peace in your choice. Take care. Liz...

  13. Yes I say keep them, and you have every right to your decisions whatever they may be. I'm having trouble with my hip and know I need to get into the doctors, I am steeling myself because I truly do loathe going into the doctor's. If you look up in the dictionary for "white coat syndrome", you will see a picture of me ;)

  14. All those good wishes are yours to keep forever Lo! It's wise, I think, to give the decision lots of thought, and if you do change your mind a few times, that's ok. Do what you think is best, and we'll be right here cheering for you.

  15. Keep the wishes, keep changing your mind and keep telling us about it :)