Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Moses' Tablets on Mt. Sinai May Have To Take Second Place

I am puzzled, perplexed, bothered, bewildered and generally discombobulated by the fact that nobody has really talked about it.  At least, I haven't been able to find anything meaningful said about it.

Am I the only one who was totally blown away by Steve Jobs'  last words?  
"Oh Wow, Oh Wow, Oh Wow".

Maybe it is because I am so much closer to the Exit Door than most of you  (though I don' t really think that's it)  but I was absolutely flooded with awe when I read about his last moments and last words........and, I must confess, tantalized with a fragment of hope.

I happen to consider Mr. Jobs to have been one of the most monumental, brilliant, inspiring,  evolved and enlightened people on this planet and his contributions to the rest of us cannot properly be evaluated yet. Consequently I take his last words and calm demeanor very seriously.  I would have been equally fascinated if he had said, "Oh, Damn, Ouch, No, no, no,  Why me?" or (my favorite), "Shit, Piss, Fuck".  I would have been thrilled if he had said, "Oy vey" (but I realize that is just the shred of my Jewishness speaking,) since, having been a dedicated Zen Buddhist, I guess it would have been more in keeping if he had muttered, "Carry Water, Chop Wood".

I do not want anyone to think that I mean to denigrate my very serious and heartfelt feelings on this subject with humor.......I couldn't help speculate on what pronouncement I might be inspired to utter on my way out ........but, being a huge admirer of Zen as being the philosophy closest to truth and reason I must bring myself to admit that my own interpretation of his message, as best I can verbalize it, is that, finding himself in the tunnel between life and death,  he got a glimpse of something awesome that excited him to the possibility of  further adventures beyond the ones he was leaving behind.  

Face it, my dears.  It's what we all hope he meant  isn't it?   I guess I may be the only one dumb enough, naive enough, gullible enough, Pollyanna-ish enough  to put it in writing.   I just hope that on my way down the tunnel that is what I will be inspired to say.

Of course, I am willing to admit that what he really meant was simply "Oh Wow, Oh Wow, Oh Wow'.

I would love to hear your own feelings and ideas on the subject if anyone would care to share them.


  1. Rabelais' last words were purported to be "I am going to seek a great perhaps," which is exceedingly profound or utter nonsense; and which one is up to each of us, and under his control, not at all.

    Steve Jobs revealed saw we have not seen for sure. Whether it was really there, is another question. Whether it was just realizing the finality of it all or whether it was just gibberish expressed from a closing mind is anyone's guess. He did not admit to any of these. He admitted to "Wow." Wow has many meanings, which largely depend on who hears it.

    I tend to think it was little more than a last gasp, but I don't like that answer very much. I prefer “wow,” which losing meaning as soon as I begin to figure it out.

  2. Hadn't heard about his last words, and i agree with you, i hope he was seeing something grand, glorious, and wonderful that awaits us all.

  3. When I heard what his words were, my first thought was "Cool! I wonder what he saw?!?!"

  4. Not surprised at all. It will be beyond words.

  5. Maybe a validation to himself of previous experiences? Now, you've got me thinking... and, it's late... you're forgiven, once...

  6. This is not a "butter-up" statement,,It is truly what I think,,If there is "glory" when we pass through the tunnel, and I think there is, Lois Stearns will definitely be on the sunny side of what's beyond that tunnel...I wish I had the "smarts" to write my feelings on this as eloquently as you, Lo,,but you know me well enough to know what's in my heart...For right now my prayer is that as long as I am here, there will always be a blog by you.

  7. Those words jumped out at me too. Whatever it was it sounds like a great way to go.

  8. Are you sure he wasn't saying
    "Ow,ow,ow" Lo, this would put another meaning on it.
    I hope it was the other version cos we are heading that way and don't fancy the Ow,ow version. lol


  9. 'I think I could fancy one of Bellamy's veal pies...'

  10. Lo,
    I believe Ms. Moon mentioned Steve's last words in a post. I had the exact interpretation you did. It made my eyes well up, when I read those magnificent last words.

    I also liked the good General Lee's last coherent words: Strike the tent boys!

    They seemed appropriate, perfect.

    I like this post of yours SO MUCH, I linked to it on my blog. I hope that's okay.

    I love you mucho,


  11. I interpreted his words a little differently... I thought maybe he was looking back on his life, his VERY GOOD life, and saying 'Oh Wow' at how lucky he had been. Still a positive feeling, for me.

  12. I like to believe that he was approaching enlightenment and he could not believe how close he was to discovering the answer to life... and was amazed... (VIA SB's link..!)

  13. Whatever he meant, it had to be something amazing. I was so curious about those last words, curious and thrilled and mystified and they were as good as anything I've ever heard anyone saying as they passed from here to there.
    I hear that Timothy Leary, right before he died, kept saying, "Why not? Why not?" which is also, to my soul, beautiful.

  14. I also want to believe he saw something awesome - spectacular! A peak into the beyond. The fact that not everyone has the same reaction - some have fear - make me hope I don't end up like them.

  15. It was the way Mona Simpson, his sister, shared this with us that made me feel pretty certain those present felt the three wows were an expression of amazement at what he seemed to be seeing/experiencing. They are not unlike my father's last "words," shared with me by my three sisters, individually, who were with him: three consecutive Mmmms, which seemed to indicate he was happily surprised.