Friday, April 6, 2012

"loneliness" a link to a brilliant blog.

 I am posting the following link to a magnificent blog by Peaceful Warrior which contains a Truth which could save us all, if we are wise enough to make use of it.  It has particular meaning for me because I am rarely lonely and I always thought it was a lack on my part.  Now I am thrilled to see that my addiction to hugs,  both actual and symbolic,  may actually be one of my virtues......

Hope you enjoy. 


by Peaceful Warrior


  1. I loved this link. Where did I see this before...??

    You are very kind and attentive to the sharing that is helping us all reach better levels of understanding. I am so flattered that it touched you so much that you felt compelled to share it with your huge readership. I owe you another enormous HUG.
    I sincerely hope that your family recognise the love you put into their lives, hugging and contact is part of the forgotten intimacy that is so much needed by us all.
    Loads of love.


  2. Yes, yes, yes ~

    With many hugs ~

  3. Hello, Lo. I visited your friend. Thanks for the link. I, too, am often alone, but rarely lonely.

  4. Lo, what are your thoughts on Magic & the Dodgers?

  5. hello Lo. I went over to read the post you linked to and I loved it!! Thanks for sharing!! Sarah x

  6. Hello again Lo.I enjoyed and was touched by both your and Peaceful Warrior's posts that I have written one of my own. I have linked back to you both. Sarah xx

  7. Thanks for sharing the link. Very interesting site and will be going back. Have a Happy Easter and lots of HUGS!

  8. Thanks! Very thought-provoking. I expect I'll see you over there.

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