Thursday, August 2, 2012

Oops, Gol Darn and Shitpissfuck

Sorry folks...sometimes there are glitches.   Murphy still rules

 am going back to the hospital on friday for a bit more surgery  to close off a lleaking blood vessel.

I am OK except for having a thigh the size and color of a Smithfield ham........we won't talk about the pain.....oy.

I hope to be  home saturday or dead........either one is ok with me.

Will update you asap..  

Not to worry.....I will be OK as soon as they deal with the Ham.

Love     Lo


  1. Home on Saturday will be just fine, the other option is not acceptable...even if you are a liberal.

    Throwing in a little prayer anyway!


  2. So sorry for this added irritation. Looking forward to hearing what the doctors did when you flat planked one on them in gratitude!

  3. Nuthin' is straight forward -- there is always a glitch or two along the way. Bull your way through it -- and then tell us the exaggerated story this weekend.

    Best wishes.

  4. Thank goodness for this blog! We will be thinking about you tomorrow. We love you Lo. Please update us in some way on Saturday...

  5. You know Lo, I had a Smithfield ham once and didn't like it. It was waaaaaaaaaaay too salty. Speaking of thighs, who do you think (male/female)had/has the best legs you've ever seen?

    Keep your chin up and continue to pinch doctors' butts. It's therapeutic.

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    1. Poor fool.....I almost feel sorry for you .....but not quite.....

      I was going to delete you but will leave your rant so that beloved Murr Brewster's comment will retain its bite.

      I can only say I am glad we never met.

  7. I'm putting in a comment right here so our tiny little friend above will feel like the cream in the Oreo.

    I hope and expect your leg to get back to wiener size by next week. Don't say no to any pain drugs.

  8. lol @ Murr! Adore you Lo, feel better soon!

  9. Sheesh I can't turn my back for one minute ... now straighten out and fly right.

  10. Oh oh. This worries me. My procedure is planned for Oct. Get better quick, Lo...

  11. Ummm ... one word from you would cheer us up at this point, beautiful lady.