Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Watch Out ---The Dragon Can Bite

Now I have to warn you all that this is an experiment.

I have been struggling with my new speech recognition system for weeks now and making very little progress until today..... At least I thought I was making progress.... I'm not so sure now. For one thing, I have to learn to not speak when I see the wrong thing printed because it just exacerbates the problem. I have pages of unintelligible text that are downright funny if you can stop crying long enough to laugh. But I have learned one very interesting thing..... The fault is not all with this system – – – part of it is my responsibility. Naturally, it's very difficult if not impossible to learn that fact even after you have accepted it. But I'm working on it, folks. We'll see how this comes out.

The program in case you're interested, is called Dragon speech recognition 11.5 – – of course, that should've been capitalized – – – but I forgot to say oh whoops... What I mean is I forgot to say "capital". Sigh! Oh well, we will stagger onward and see where this leads us.  I am totally convinced that if I were not so damned stubborn I would never have made it this far in life......of course, I wouldn't have gotten into so much trouble either.

Actually, I feel like we are doing quite well now – – – in fact I am amazed at the progress we've made since this afternoon when the following excepts are  an example of what we produced :

no that's wrong
The spell word.  No..  Space is.  Harry and the Harry and know that's nowhere near what is left....  Oh God.
I'm still trying to  teach you know to Isabel "all up up up up up up ..........        baby am speaking too slowly 
(up,, up, up is what it writes when I laugh)


What am I going to do with you?   OK.  Let's proceed. never mind     Are you getting bored with this too?    shit.   very good can you write shit      no.  I just tried to teach you a new word.  You were supposed to have...........  Because the word was "shit".  Why didn't you learn to say shit.  Does that mean that you have not learned learned to lose a ship ..............oy

           50 What am I going to do with you?  better.  OK.  Let's proceed.  Do you do better when I  speak slowly.....  Apparently so aknown sentence that.  Apparently not. We were doing so well and then you went crazy.  How am I supposed to know when you're OK and when you're losing your mind.  Excellent.  Then we will keep trying.  I can dictateno no no no no till the cows cm home if you will inlearn from it.  Is that what I'm going to have to do?  Apparently.  Thank you.  You're welcome.  Ugh.  I think I may grow to hate you........."

 I just added some phrases and words to the vocabulary list. Let's see if they worked. Undo that okay. Damn damn damn! You don't have to write everything out.
Why can't I get the box to spell word? shitpissfuck. Oh boy! Can we do that again? Shitpissfuck! Fantastic.  Shitpissfuck, shitpissfuck.  By George, I think she's got it.

Well, I think you got the picture now. As a matter of fact, I have deleted its some of the most obnoxious but perhaps the most laugh=provoking portions of the afternoon exercises. Suffice it to say, that both Dragon and I have improved a lot since just three o'clock this afternoon. I strongly suspect that Dragon may be smarter than I am and may learn faster and better but that's okay. I love servants who are smart. I wonder if I can teach it to clean the cat boxes      where is that damned     ?  question mark? A H. Space space       there it is.     Sigh.

 Well, I didn't say there was no room for improvement.....


  1. I absolutely believe you when you say it is frustrating. But I have to say it is hilarious to read the messy trial and error stuff, knowing I would have the same problems.

  2. Oh dear Lo, I am so glad you are stubborn and figured the "Dragon" out!! I was laughing out loud when you told us you were adding some phrases and words to the vocabulary list. You did great!! It works wonderfully!!Easy for me to say from this end huh! There had to be tears of fruestation, and laughter at the same time completing that part. Once again, I am so glad you are stubborn!! Hugs

  3. I was thinking I'd have given this up long ago. Then I remembered my new smart phone and the afternoon I intend to devote to learning how to use it. This afternoon, in fact.

    OK, best of smarts to the both of us.

  4. This is why, as a former court reporter, i know that speech recognition technology isn't going to replace the profession quite yet -- you still need someone to listen to the tape and edit out the mistakes.

    Funny, though!

  5. You're so much more patient that I would be. Kudos to you, Lo. Hold onto that wonderful sense of humor.

  6. One day at a time. I, too, am a former court reporter and have many former cr friends who are now using Dragon for subtitles on TV, making scads of money. You just have to practice and try to talk like a Midwestern radio announcer, those homogenized folks that bring us the news of ill sheep and fleeced residents... You're on your way...

  7. I wouldn't have the patience to stick with it so I'm very impressed.

  8. Oh, Lo. You poor goof. :-)

    I wonder how far away this is for me... The arthritis in my hands has increased, and the cold is exacerbating it...


    p.s. Have been thinking of you. No, Liza Bean is not living with me, but I like to pretend she comes to visit. :-)

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  10. Hey Siri in the Apple line of voice to text is quite funny. The silly lady answers some of the craziest things. Cane she spell? Not sure yet bu she has a voice and answers to keep you laughing. Not so sure Dragon does that.

  11. Dragon is an amazing program... but I think you might have to speak its language! Shitpissfuck!