Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Post Script to My Blog on Secession

 This is a weird post.  

My post of yesterday elicited such passionate comments on all sides that I felt it necessary to comment on the comments.  In my usual loquacious fashion I blurted, blabbed and blubbered a  bit over the limit for a simple comment.  It came out more like a full rant.  And then I realized that the folks I was responding to probably would not see my comment anyway (having already read that blog and moved on)  so I decided to legitimize it and post it as a blog of its own.  It follows below.  Now I will definitely sit down and shut up......for a while anyway.


Wow. What passions I have evoked. I guess if a blogger wants comments they need only write about politics. Tomorrow I will have to write about religion........(NOT).

I usually resist commenting on comments, but this time I feel I must. I hate to be misunderstood or misinterpreted and I dislike being the victim of what I call crooked thinking.

It is sheer foolishness to take my remarks as attacks on or support of either political party. (I am really an Independent anyway.)   I was talking about ideas which lead to progress. The Republican party of Lincoln obviously had the right idea and the Dems of that time the wrong one. I don't give a damn what name a party carries.....the name is meaningless. What matters is the ideas they support.

One very important point which I failed to make clear was that, as I understand it, the rotten losers who want to secede from the USA are scattered among both the red and the blue states. As I recall, I think even California was mentioned as one of the states with the Secessionist petitioners.

My position (a delicious fantasy) is clear. Anyone who wants to secede should be granted their wish. Of course, they would relinquish their citizenship and become illegal aliens. They do not have to pay higher taxes....probably no taxes at all. They will escape having the dastardly Universal Health Care forced upon them...they will be free to figure out a way to obtain health care on their own as non-citizens. I do not know how that would work out.

Of course, they will no longer be eligible for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps or any sort of government subsidies but that shouldn't bother them because they seem to despise anyone who happens to need such crutches.

The difference between them and the other illegal aliens in this country would be dramatic. The current illegal aliens who generate so much furor and hatred come here hoping for a better life. The new breed of illegal aliens already enjoy that better life but apparently are quite willing to give it all up because I guess they want an even better one. I am not at all sure that seceding is the right way to get that, but I would wish them good luck and godspeed. And maybe good riddance. I am too old and tired for this crap.


  1. We're getting a good laugh at those who want to move to Canada because Obama is too "socialist". For one thing, we have inclusive marriage laws, and also universal gov't health care. But, we don't enjoy grumpy folks who complain all the time so please keep them down there ... united or not.

    Rant on Lo! Sanity is needed.

    1. I just hope they don't know something we don't in regards to what one mr. Stephen Harper has in store...

    2. Yes, King Stephen is a worry. We must keep reminding him of that little place called Parliament, and that we hired MP's to do a job. We also need to get rid of him next election.

  2. See Lo, sometimes we can agree.

    And if I ever need an advocate to stand up for me I choose you!

  3. Write what you want Lo, at least its never boring.

  4. Again- exactly right. You are the very essence of good sense.

  5. Hmmm, interesting thoughts! But those who choose to secede individually should also not be able to use our roads, airports, postal system, schools, and all the rest of the infrastructure we've created as a society with the help of government and taxes. I say if they secede they need to move out. I only say that because THEY are petitioning. In the good old days of the peace movement people used to say, "America, love it or leave it." We did love our country, even as we criticized it.

  6. Lo, interesting to learn you are a fellow Independent.
    Regarding illegal immigration...I have a viewpoint so very opposed to illegal immigration. My mother migrated here legally. Our family endorses all legal immigration. Enjoying your rants just the same.

  7. I was all set to slam something in here but I see my good friend the Blissed-Out Grandma has already done it. Secede already! But don't use our roads, our firemen, our meat inspectors, our parks, our...our...hell, I don't know how you're going to get out, because I don't want you using our air traffic controllers, either. I know! Get raptured! Straight up! You can do that, right?

  8. Last Friday, I think it was, I watched a brief segment on one of the morning news programs (Today?) about some people who were becoming American citizens. They were delighted to be Americans. The shots of them repeating the oath of citizenship for some strange reason, moved me to tears. Too bad we can't be as delighted about our good fortune to live here.