Friday, April 19, 2013

Who? Me? .......How About That?

I am flustered and flattered that two wonderful lady bloggers seem to have nominated me for an award.    I am not much for awards since I do not do this for fame and fortune but mostly for fun, but I would be untruthful if I did not admit I am tickled that someone thinks me awesome.  Will the wonders of blogging ever cease?

So let's see now........first I want to express my thanks.

Thank you Bad Word Mama at and Akashic Window at for this unexpected honor.

Now what?  I think I am supposed to tell you and the rest of the world 10 things about myself that no one knows.......not so easy when I have claimed to have no secrets and have spent the last 30 years or so blabbing everything to anyone who would listen.   However,  I will tell you at least a few things that may come to mind in the next 15 seconds.
* I have recently looked into a dark, long uninvestigated pocket of myself and found that I am not really the supposedly wise, tolerant, compassionate, kindly person you and I all thought I was........I am a fraud.  I think the real me may be a snobby, supercilious.  judgmental, wrathful, vengeful, mean-spirited least on alternate Tuesdays anyway.   There are those days when I rise out of  bed and hardly recognize myself.  Of course, being a Gemini I can always cover my shame by declaring my alter ego to  be the Saintly one and this evil persona is simply occupying the bodily premises until the "real Lo" returns from doing good deeds is always a shock to me to discover that traits I thought I had stamped out years ago  can be brought back to life by things I hate the Unmitigated Stupidity......of which there is so much....hence my unfortunate recurring transformations into Ms. Hyde.  

* Actually, I guess I am as passionate a hater as I am a lover and my most recent eruptions have not been from the Terrorists, insane and misguided and  evil as they obviously are, but the Cowards, our despicable elected officials,  who are so in fear of the NRA and their jobs that they cannot enact a single gun control law.  Yes, ordinary terrorists maim and kill, but how can we calculate the number who will be maimed and killed by the cowardice of these failures who are supposed to be doing good and consistently do ill or nothing ?   I fervently wish for some terrorists who would release 160 trillion STD fleas into the chambers of the houses of Congress.   Shakespeare said it best....."A pox on both your houses...."

* The only other thing I can think of to confess right now  is that I have been known to flip to the last chapter of some particularly badly written mystery story to find out whodunit without having to read through all those poorly plotted pages.

I will only say that I am properly ashamed of myself, for whatever that is worth.   But sometimes it feels so good to  be rotten.

  So now you know.  It will not surprise me if my follower count goes down drastically after this.......I really must learn how to lie.  Dammit, I used to know how.....that was before I discovered that it was more trouble than it was worth.  Sometimes I regret having lost the skill.

I have now reached the last part of my award tasks...........the bestowing of the award on some of my favorite Blog Stars, and this is harder than confessing my worst sins.  How can I possibly choose only 3?   (tenks gott my beloved Joe-Cranky Old Man has already been honored with this award so I can ignore him for this effort, but no matter what I do I will have to leave out a bunch of worthy bloggers whom I adore.  Shitpissfuck.) 

OK.  I am going to pass over some of my pet Stars of Blogland who are frequently showered with awards and honors (you know who you are, Murr, Pearl, Mary...)  and focus on a few of my quieter favorites  who warm my heart and make me proud to be among such noble, interesting, talented, intelligent  and brave souls. 

 Mr. T and Baron

Far Side and Chance

 Gretel and her wonderful felt creations
 The Middle of Nowhere

 Daisy and Herself

Hmmm.....I seem to have exceeded the suggested number of 3 honorees....oh, what the 's my blog and I am the Awarder, so revel in your glory you dear folk and thanks for all the pleasure you bring me.


  1. I simply love your blogs and if truth be known I think most of us have a side that we would rather others didn`t see. But I don't think you've lost the art of lying at all - all that mean spiritidness is made up!!!! And I have to say that I was chuffed when I received awards way back when I was a daily blogger.

    Congratulations to you and to those you have chosen.

  2. First of all, congratulations, you are an awesome blogger.

    Secondly, leave it to a die in the wool, bleeding heart liberal to be angry because congress failed to pass a law which would strip all citizens of their second ammendment righ...oh wait I'm on your side on this one.

    Is that possible? Can a liberal and a conservative actually agree?
    Hmmm...I may have to rethink my position...naw, still agree with you on this one.

  3. You are precious. Period. The end.

  4. I don't get over here nearly as much as I should as I always enjoy my visit when I do. I was borne under the sign of Cancer so I wonder what my excuse is. Congratulations on the award, most definitely deserved.

  5. I still love you ~ very human warts & all...

  6. Your delicious skewering of the members of Congress who voted against gun control was much enjoyed. Then reading of your very kind and generous comments about my blog brought a gasp of surpirse and then a tear of gratitude. Thanks Lo....:)

    1. TB - your photos are awesome! I've been to your site before, and enjoyed renewing my pleasure in it.

  7. Dear Lo, we are so very honoured to have your award. Thank you.

    We don't think you are as bad as you think you are...tho you are B A D ... but in a GOOD way! ;-)

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  9. Hi Lo! Thanks for the award! We appreciate it! :)

  10. Congratulations! I have to say I visit frequently but may not always comment...I always leave smiling though. God you're funny... I thought the run-on "shitpissfuck" was exclusive to my does my heart good to see it with someone who also goes to the end of a crappy mystery just to put herself out of her misery. Thanks for the good reads.

  11. Congrats!! A well deserve award if there ever was one!

  12. You deserve the award whatever it is. You are not after it and that was the beautiful thing about it. You are not doing this for the award but for your love of what you're doing.

  13. Being "properly ashamed" of ourselves is what separates us from the lower creatures, my dear Lo.

    That and Pad Thai. :-)

    We are on our third winter here in Minneapolis. Six inches of snow yesterday -- and a possible high of 71 on Saturday. Bwa ha ha ha haaaa!

    Freakin' spring.