Friday, August 9, 2013

You Can't Fall Off the Floor So There's No Way to Go But Up

Aaaaarrrrgh!  And OY !   (No, no, not what you think.....this is good news).

I have digested all your comments and just realized that I seem to  have left you precious folk wringing your hands over Lo's pitiful plight and not only is that NOT what I intended ........(I was sort of creating an  excuse for  myself for not blogging) but it is also last week's news. 

Not that everything has suddenly turned fact I continue to  be deluged with sad reports from hither and yon, but my own bleak despondency seems to have lifted and I am just coping with whatever comes along pretty  well right now. 

I  have measured my own sack of troubles against those of some others and realize that I am really very damned lucky.  While I am dreadfully sad about  what my friends are having to go through,  my own spirits are actually OK and I have great hopes for me.  I promise I will blog again soon and may even say something funny.

Thanks, darlings for hangin' in with me.  Be of good cheer.  As I have said oft before.....more later.


  1. Good! Its all about attitude and a positive on is what keeps us going especially in the "so-called golden years." Believe me, I know...:)

  2. Oh I'll hang in Lo, I love your posts, keep em coming.

  3. Lo
    So true. We can always find someone else worse off. And they can look and find someone worse off than they are and it goes on. I wonder who is that one person at the end of the line. Pity that poor devil.

  4. Glad "great hopes" have returned Lo! Hang in there gal!
    I saw a t-shirt the other day that "said": "Inside every old person is a young person asking: 'What the hell happened'?" Unfortunately, they didn't have my size! But I know the feeling!
    Daisy's Barbara

  5. Sharin' your sack o troubles makes it a little easier to deal with them. :) I like your attitude - it goes far when tackling the fiends!