Saturday, October 19, 2013

SPF and WTF or Perhaps WTF and SPF

Faithful reades will surely have no trouble translating my cryptic title and for all of you unfaithful readers....the hell with ya'.

I was hoping that by this time I would be back to my revoltingly cheerful self, but it ain't so.   I am still struggling with the damned sciatica and my failing vision and alternating between cursing, groaning, whining and kicking the furniture and the dog.  (no, there is no dog).  All of this has fiercely addled my brain so be unsuprised by whatever odd things come out of my mouth or, more precisely, dribble out of my fingertips.

I am only here because I promised you all I would utter a few noises from time to time to let you know that your earnest blogger was still alive and kicking......well.....kicking anyway.  So here I am.

There is no way to describe my mood.....not even this word fanatic can come up with the proper words so I will simply say that I am doing my damndest to cope.  Not very graciously, I am afraid......hence all the Shitpissfucks.  

Well, anyway, the good news is that, while I am unable to find a pain free position in a horizontal orientation like the bed, sitting upright on my  hard dining chair at my computer is relatively comfy (???).......I have seriously considered closing the Laptop, putting a pillow on the lid and trying to get a nite's sleep sitting right here....that would also save me from having to transport my ungainly self  from the bedroom to the computer each morn as I rise from my bed of nails lurching creepily like the Creature from the Black Lagoon and scaring the cat, so I guess I should think about taking the idea seriously.  If I could see better I could spend my upright hours blogging endlessly for your amusement or edification, but correcting all my typos is too laborious for that to work out well.  Sigh.  I guess we all simply have to keep slogging (or lurching) forward and see what happens.

Of course my mood was not improved in the slightest on Friday when I watched a phenomenon occur on Wall Street and missed profiting from it only because of pain, laziness and a weakened spirit.  On Thursday the Google we all know and sometimes love reported their quarterly earnings.  This act often makes the reporting company's stock go up or down mightily and I had intended to position myself to take advantage of any bounce that might occur if Google beat estimates, but failed to do so because the market closed before I was able to enter my transaction.  I could have bought a single call option giving me the right but not the obligation to buy 100 shares of Google at $900 or so per share  (yes  very pricey as they say in New England).....said option only costing me a couple of bucks.  Imagine my consternation when, upon arising and lurching in on Friday morn, I discovered that Google had jumped up 60 points at the market open and showed no signs of ceasing to rise even further as the day wore on.   In plain English, had I wisely invested the $200  on Thursday, I would have been more than $6000 (yes, thousand) richer on Friday.  Sob.  I think this may be the perfect moment for me to utter my last Shitpissfuck of the day.

Stay tuned for the next chapter, folks.  No one including me knows what will happen next, but when I find out I will be sure to let you in on it......should you really, really want that.........

Love, Lo


  1. Thanks for checking time please have better news.

    Wish I had some suggestions for back pain relief, but other than using less weight on your dumb-bell workouts, I got nothing.

  2. Sorry you are having to deal with so much pain. Have to say I am impressed that you can figure out how the market works. Sad that you missed out on this one, but it confirms that you know what to look for, if that's any consolation. Okay, it probably isn't. But thanks for checking in.

  3. Miss you, love you.
    What sayeth your main Doc about sleep help? Maybe low dose Trazadone? Non addictive, gentle, but it works...

    Hugs ~~~

  4. Here's yet another suggestion: Aquatic exercise might help with sciatica pain. Some fitness gyms and Boys and Girls Clubs have pools equipped with lift chairs that make it really easy to get into and out of the pool. I know from experience aquatic exercise reduces back pressure, generates endorphins, promotes well being. I'm sure your doctor could prescribe aquatic exercise as physical therapy so you could get a care giver to drive you to the pool for little or no cost, thanks to all that ACA jazz.

  5. Ouch and double ouch. The stock debacle added to sciatica is insult to injury. May you find relief soon, on both fronts.

  6. Thanks for checking in.
    Keeping you in my good thoughts (and a little prayer) Lo.

  7. Have you tried acupuncture? You always cheer me up anyway.

  8. Have you asked your doctor about Lyrica?

  9. Well, that was a fun rant to read. Your spirited cussing of the pain is certainly better than silently going martyr. Reminds me of Father's approach in Life With Father.

    I, too, am impressed that you have a clue about the market.

    Not a faithful reader, here, just stumbled onto you via Pearl ... was trying to figure out the acronymns ... Single Pissed Female? Seeking a White ... What?

    1. I read it as sh!@ p!@# f#@k. Funny how we all see what we want in the acronym "SPF".

  10. Hey Lo, heard about you thought I'd drop in, I wish I had known about you back in October 2012, gosh I would have matched you for each spf of psf or wtf...horrible time, better now, sorry about your pain I have sciata thing in my hips and legs, anyway this pharmacist gave me a FREE (yeah i'm not kidding) FREE SaMPLE of:Voltaren Emulgel ok it's cold but I applied it to my hips and legs and it decreased the pain because as I wake up all the time and am a restless sleeper i noticed that \i did not moan when I moved my hips to change position oh well you know, ..anyhoo but hey i have a secret I know spf or wtf of psf...a little angel told me so \i had to visit don't stop now I just found you

  11. ..but all that money won't help you sleep or ease your pain (much)...

  12. Did you do away with the Dragon thing? Or did it finally agree to ShitPissFuck as a word?
    Do not fall asleep at the computer. I did that once too often and now there's a permanent crick in my neck. Besides, drooling is bad for the laptop. LOL.

  13. As another back pain sufferer, I send my sympathies. Sure hope you get some relief soon Lo. I find ice works to relieve pain, and some find accupuncture or chiropractice effective. Just make sure you behave around people with sharp pointy needles - don't want them to get mad atchya!

    Sending healing thoughts and wishes from Daisy's Barbara

  14. Dear Lo
    Usually one can face anything in life as long as our health is good but when that goes to hell, seems like everything else does too.

  15. I am getting worried. Sure hope you are all right!

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