Sunday, October 26, 2014

Do I have the only Dialog Blog in Cyberspace?

And if so, are we (Dragon and I)  George and Gracie, Rowan and Martin or Abbott and Costello?????u

OY !

The good news is that I have come to love Dragon.

T^he bad hnews is that, just nhow, in trying to obediently do an update which was described as a "must" I may have accidentally slain Dragon.  I certainly hve caused it to stop working altogether.  Damn and Hell.  Sob.  I am going away now to call my Computer Doctor and see if he can find the problem or I ay have to reinstall Dragon 12 and reteach it all my favorite words including SPF.   Groan.

If ever there was a more perfect moment for me to utter it, I can't imagineone so I will simply have to type it myself and ask you all to tune in tomorrow when repairs may have been accomplished. spades!

Love, Lo


  1. I hope your Dragon is only temporarily & not permanently dead (a la Star Trek)! I have become smitten with his sense of the absurd!!

  2. Will be watching anxiously. Always love reading your posts. Hope the fix is a quick, easy one.

  3. Yeah, hit that dragon in the knees, where it really hurts. That should let him know who is boss. LOL

  4. Oh no! Good luck; I hope you can retrieve all your special words.

  5. This is awful. Hope it all works out.

  6. Just one question: Does anyone wear the fabulous muunuu any more?