Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Blogger Guilt....Big Expose...Bloggers Cheat

Oh, is tax time and I must get my fanny over to the dining room table, spread out my graph paper, check book and spread sheets and begin the wretched process of discovering how expensive it is to keep this old carcase going.

That means I probably will not have a chance to publish a blog today and I am ashamed and riddled with guilt.....also dreadfully deprived because I have become addicted to pouring out huge hunks of my inner self for your amusement and edification).  I am ashamed because I feel that any well organized (ha....that's not me) and well meaning  (that's  me) blogger should be able to have a few blogs in the frig waiting to be thrown into a gap like this.  And I don't.  Oh, yes, I have a few drafts in process and a few filed away with just fragments of ideas that I intend to blog about but nothing I can simply toss into the breach to feed the growing (thank you God) multitude of my precious blog-hungry followers.

So I got this here idea while catching up on some of the wonderful blogs I follow....the realization that Bloggers can be Cheaters.  I come across many of my favorite  blogs with only a photo or a paragraph as the offering of the day.  I guess there is no written Blog-Rule that says "Entry must be 200 words or more, preferably punctuated with photos and containing a minimum of two (2) LOL's.  That is my own conscience and Jewish Guilt talking.

So without another word of apology, this is my Blog for the day. Before you judge me harshly think of this poor little'ol' white haired lady, hunched over a rat's nest of crumpled, tear stained papers, scratching out numbers in columns and having to add at least 38,570 individual entries to come up with her medical deductions for the year 2009.  No, I am not  that infirm....that is what it takes to KEEP me from being that infirm.

I promise I will be back as soon as possible, and I will toss in some kind of abbreviated Cheating entry each day till my ordeal is over.  Meanwhile, sate your appetite and slake your thirst by visiting some of my blogger buddies.......their stuff is actually better than mine.....some days anyway.

I luv you all.


  1. I feel for you!

    This Sunday I get to spread out all of the paperwork for the rental building and get ready for what? 7 returns! Isn't tax season grand?

  2. Hi there! I always see your picture when I'm commenting on Kelly's blog, so I thought I'd come over. And I think I'm in love! I want to be you when I grow up! I, too, am up to my elbows in work right now. Work of a different sort. I've got an onslaught of company coming and my college daughter just left after being here for spring break, so needless to say my house has been hit by a college hurricane. But, as soon as my company leaves after the weekend, I plan on sitting down and burying myself in your blog.

  3. Yvette....commiserations...may we both survive.

    Joann: I am touched and left speechless....thanks for that incredible compliment. Wow. Please DO come back Often! Meanwhile I will visit you soon.

  4. Hi Lo! I hate to put up just a photo..but once in awhile I must..I am not a blog goddess like some of the women I know..I am just ordinary! Good luck with those taxes..I did mine a couple of weeks ago..such fun:)

  5. My own blogging rule is to one day be like a Dickens novel and the next to be like a McGill postcard - keeps people guessing that way. Nice post Lo. Nice blog Lo.

  6. Oh, dear....Far Side, I did NOT mean to disparage....actually I am pleased to realize that I can relax and just publish what I am able for the day. Your way is much the better for all concerned. I appreciate having learned the lesson not just from you but from most of my blogging mentors.

    Alan...Again, thanks for your comment and your kind words.

  7. Simply amazing - your blog and writing that is. Far Side sent me your way and I am so glad she did. I love your spunk and attitude. I have to go back and catch up on your old posts. I have truly enjoyed those I have read so far. I will be following to see where this blogging adventure leads.

  8. Rae....welcome, my dear, and thank you for the strokes.....all Bloggers love 'em, you know. I will be honored to have you read my rantings.
    Please come back soon.

  9. Please know that a few days ago I was also in the same position. Only it was my first time ever doing my taxes myself. So I feel your tax pain my friend!

    I hope it all worked out well and you were able to do a little jig once it was done. That's what I did!