Thursday, March 18, 2010

Random Images - a cheating Blog...more pictures than words....

This is one of my favorite roses a gorgeous thing called Sonrisa,,,,,the gang at Disney sent it to me when Pete died because they knew my heart would heal at the sight of a beautiful rose.  That was 24 years ago and this magnificent bush has been pampering my heart ever since with profuse buds of love.

Below is a photo of my two precious Russian Blues....Minnie and longer with me but never forgotten.  When the litter was born I threatened to name them Eeny, Meeny, Minnie and Moe and I carried through on the last part of the threat.
(Oh, I wish I knew how to control the placing of this text around photos.)     To the left is a poor shot of my beloved Gussie, Senior Cat and affectionately referred as Gabby...(sometimes called "Oh,  shut up will you, for the love of God.")  It is Gussie for whom I immerse my hands up to the elbows  in bloody beef liver each week as I apportion out the 3 pounds just purchased into daily rations for freezing and strip the skin the butchers so unkindly leave on the product when they cut it up for sale.  While doing this I never fail to think of the many bloggers whom I follow who have delicate stomachs and are constantly going "eeeeewwwh" and "yuk" and "ugh" in response to things which I may have once considered a bit icky, but which no longer have the power to faze me. 
And last but not least is a shot of my garden with a smidgeon of my glorious swimming pool and two of my dear mourning doves who come daily for their ration of birdseed and chatting with their friends.  Please forgive the evidence of bird seed shells along the tile coping.  When I tell people that I am fortunate beyond belief to live in paradise they sometimes look askance at me, but, believe me, my darlings, I have been around and I know what's what and I am telling you ................if this ain't heaven it'll have to do....
until the real thing comes along. 
 (apologies to the song of similar lyrics)


  1. I'm all in favour of cheating blogs - keep those pictures coming, with or without word-wrap.

  2. Beautiful. The post, the rose, the kitties, the yard.

    I have a special place in my heart for the mourning doves and their sad call. My dad loved those beautiful birds and after he died very suddenly every night when I went on my walk and wept out my grief those doves would follow me with their soft whoo-whoo's. I'd like to think it was my dad telling me he was all right.

  3. Cheat away. The kitty photos were wonderful and the little glimpse of your pool is inviting. Gussie is one lucky kitty having her own personal chef and specially prepared food.

  4. Beautiful pictures! Loved the ones of the Russian Blues...reminded me of my gone but not forgotten Samson...such a love! Thanks for sharing! ox

  5. Beautiful photos. I once wanted to have 2 Guinea Pigs so I could one Papua and the other New and have Papua New Guinea Pigs! It's probably best I don't have any pets! x

  6. I was told that raw liver is bad for cats (altho'mine love all that BLOOD!)- and Gussie seems to be thriving on it.I've always refused to feed my cats 'commercial'cat food after watching a TV documantary about the disgusting stuff the manufacturers (legally) put into it (as long as they put on the label the legend 'Meat/fish DERIVATIVES')Have some problem with the vitamin/mineral diet tho' as can't get hold of a decent bone-grinding machine!(It was much easier with the 'Big Cats'as they have their own 'built-in' bone-grinders'- as do most dogs!)

  7. Hi Lo, That rose is stunning..and I can almost smell its fragrance! That is one lucky kitty cat that has her own personal chef:)

  8. I love your pics! I too, cook for my kitties, so I understand about the blood and gore. But we do it for the ones we love...

    You do seem to live in paradise! Such a beautiful rose. Bittersweet I am sure xoxoxo