Sunday, April 25, 2010

The erstwhile corpse seems to be twitching..........cancel the funeral and the wake

I am very ashamed at what I am about to do here.........I am about to commit plagary against myself..........

When I gallumphed into the dining room this morning on my walker and beat some life into the laptop I was inspired to write a few email lines to some of my dearest friends to reassure them that they had a chance of getting me back.  Having done that I decided that I owed my dear blog followers at least as much consideration......only trouble is that the rest of the morning will be taken up with PT exercises, correcting the seasoning in a batch of hummous I made yesterday ( I only forgot  the most important thing.....the dash of cumin that makes it all magical) and the downing of another dozen or so of the endless meds which are marked "am", so I decided to really cheat and simply post a copy of the reassuring letter I sent off.

Since all of you are filled with loving kindness I am hoping you will forgive my laziness.........don't forget....I HAVE been sick.............also there is that other old chestnut I can pull out know that I mean well.......(ugh, I am really scraping the bottom of the barrel here, ain't I?)

Luv ya' all.......and thank you all again for your good thoughts.

Here goes....plagarizing myself.

I just got up and am in the dining room wrapped in my Snuggie (which is the perfect garment for invalids in wheelchairs I have discovered.....waiting the required hour after my first pill of the day.   I am sore from my physical therapy session yesterday but it is helping a lot and I am hopeful that I will be walking someday without walker or cane even.  Wasn't sure I ever would for a while there.

By the way...
.if you can tell me where the italics cme from I will give you a medal.......there must be some key I hit by accident which  brings them biggie....I can live with italics............nothing compared to  being unable to breathe.

My hearing and vision have both suffered from this trauma abut I am grateful that my eye seems to be seeing  better now that my fever is gone.   I was really frightened when I tried to read a book the other day and failed miserably.......seems to be getting better now though I am still cupping my ear and saying "Ey?????  What did you say?"  I will probably have to try hearing aids again when this is over but right now I can simply demand that people speak up and stop mumbling.....the power of  being an invalid.  I may look on ebay for an ear trumpet.........I think that would fit my image perfectly. is an hour since I took the pill.......(one of about 20, wonder I am not sure who the hell I am) I am going to have my bran flakes and yogurt.  Will write more later.

This is my first attempt at a real letter ....not the greatest but better than moans and whines, I guess.
More later.



  1. Glad to hear you're up and about, Lo! Hang in there with the PT!

  2. Hi Lo, I am so sorry I missed all the medical crap you have been going through..I am glad you are ok, and your sense of humor seems to be is good to call off the wake..and especially the FUNeral.
    Those physical therapy people are demented and heartless bitches I hope you get some handsome young devil that is easy on the eyes to push you through the pain of the rehab.
    I promise to check in more often, I am so glad you left me a comment this morning!:)

  3. Ha! Your headline speaks well of your sense of humor, and there is no shame in sharing a letter you've just written. Sorry the fall has impacted your sight and hearing.... Hope things improve, although I do think an ear trumpet would be the perfect accessory!

  4. Just tuned in and so sorry to hear of have such's what's necessary to just do it!! Right? Right..Bless you..bless us all, my friend!

  5. Hi, I came by from...well somewhere else (o: once you start is hard to know where you have been (o:
    Sorry to stop in when you are feeling puny..get better fast
    I just loved reading your profile
    what a book you could write
    Take care of yourself (o;
    Pam, from Smilinggrammy

  6. You are the least lazy person I have ever encountered! :-)

  7. We are so happy to hear you are back in the kitchen! I will call you this week - really so glad you are on the mend and back to your old self.

    As for the italics - you are hitting CONTROL "i" to italicize, rather than SHIFT "i" to capitalize. If that happens, just hit CONTROL "i" again to make it go away :)

    Love from the Vetters :)

  8. That was Lonni above, but Ken and Noa send their love, too!

  9. Lonni and Ken....oh thank you for solving the italics mystery! are a dear.
    Pam (grammy) so glad you found me...ploease come back.
    Lyn, Blissed Out....thaks for the kind words

  10. Far Side.....what you missed is totally missable....glad you are back wne things are better
    Cat Lady......thanks loyal pal.

  11. I required Mrs. T to read your recent "adventures." At considerably less than age 82 she acknowledged that her recent bouts of whining and complaining may have been a bit overdone.

  12. Dear glad I could help ! Hope it lasts.

  13. Hi. The italics probably come from accidentally holding down the CTRL key while typing an "I" ... the font will remain italic until you do it again to "undo" the CTRL+I. CTRL+B makes bold/unbold, CTRL+U makes underline in the same fashion. To fix it, highlight all the italicized words/paragraphs and carefully hit CTRL and I at the same time. Re-save. Viola! This all starts from "lazy wrist" on the keyboard or else hitting the CTRL key instead of the shift key when typing the first-person pronoun. =)