Saturday, April 24, 2010

saturday april 24

Oh, my.....holy feels so good to be feeling better!  I want everyone to know that Lo or her reasonable facsimile just left he kitchen where she and her handmaiden, Consolee, just mixed up and baked a batch of lemon cookies and a pint or two of Hummous.........from my wheelchair, but all my own work nevertheless.    I am totally unable to verbalize the joy of getting back into my kitchen and stirring up a mess of pottage or whatever.  (does anyone know what the hell pottage is?)

It looks like I am really going to make it, folks...........a real blog may not be far away.

Thanks all for your good thoughts and good wishes and for the love.!!!!


  1. Yea! So glad that you are truly on the mend! OXOX

  2. You are certainly starting to sound like yourself again, or should that be post like yourself?! Glad you are back cooking up wonderful things in the kitchen. Pottage is a type of stew popular in Great Britain since Medieval times I believe. Although I'm from GB, I've never had it! :-)

  3. 'Pottage'- as in 'mess of' is figurative - 'material comfort etc.for which something higher is sacrificed'(Gen.xxv,29-34). One can but ponder just what was 'sacrificed'- surely not a cat, or a humming bird? My guess is it is her redoubtable energy, fortitude and mental strength to become independent/self-sufficient again by producing hummous and cookies - from a wheelchair! Well done Lo!