Friday, April 23, 2010

friday april23

just a quickie.   Today the specialist pronounced me in good condition.........huzzah.  I am feeling quite a lot better and am now exhausted from the rounds with the physical therapist.....they are all merciless.

I am still unfit for  blogging but hopefully soon..........

Thanks to all you dear souls for your support.


  1. Very pleased to hear your news Lo. You take your time and only get back into blogging when you feel ready. x

  2. Yes, that's wonderful news Lo. Now no doing wheelies around your arpartment in that electric contraption (well, at least for the time being!)Take care, and love to the cats

  3. Hi, Lo! Sorry I haven't been around more to keep up on your progress. My mom's been having some health issues, too, which have distracted me a bit. Glad to hear you're on the upswing. Hugs!

  4. Rest up and save your energy for the physical therapists. But thanks for the little notes letting us know how you are!

  5. Thanks Frog, Willie and CatLady.....your loyalty has helped me get well..
    Luv ya