Wednesday, April 21, 2010

wednesday apr 22

just a line to report that I am winning the war against pneumonia, I think.....fever down today........breathing easily.   will begin blogging again as soon as I have something to say of interest and as soon as my sense of humor revives...........hmmmmmm......where the hell do those italics keep popping up from?


  1. Oh, I didn't know you were battling pneumonia along with recovering from hip surgery!

    Sending healing and positive thoughts your way. Do your cats snuggle with you in bed? I can't think of better therapy then that!

  2. yes,the cats and I have a session every day.......I get to pet them,, they get to complain and stomp all over my bod including the sore's OK.....very theraputic

  3. ...It's called 'Pussycat Reiki'and is very effective - although very expensive (at least two tins of food per day, and lashings of ice cream)! So sorry to hear about your latest catastophe (oh dear, 'cats' got in again!)Hope you're keeping warm. Take care, and go easy on those italicos!