Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday april 21

please refer to previous blog for my comment on the wondrous Hoveround.
Today is shaping up well.....am feeling better....fever is gone.......am even considering letting the cats attack me for a while.

more later.    one of these days I will keep that promise.


  1. I have some ceramic art done by a Lois M Stearns from the seven moons gallery....Is this you? if so please let me know @ eofendley@aol.com

  2. to eofendley......yes,yes that is or was indeed me. I have emailed you, but am repeating here that I would love to know more about what you have and where you got them.....did you know Syvia of Seven Moons? Wonderful gal...we worked together in the 50's and 60's. Please email or leave comments.

  3. I try to stay on top of your blogs but somehow I missed this one,,I didn't know you were sick with fever,,So happy you are better. Praying you continue to feel well, Dom't let the cat's hurt you!!!! As much as we love them, those little teeth, and claws (if they have them) can leave their mark, Luv u