Monday, April 19, 2010

monday, april 22

Well, it seems to be just a month ago that I fell on my fanny and broke the hip.........glad that month is over.
I am finally begining to feel better....think I have the pneumonia licked and as long as I can breathe, anything seems possible.

Took my electric chair for a test run around the living room.....I give it it's maiden voyage down the ramp in about an hour on my way to the doctor..........I have visions of being catapulted into the magnolia bushes when I hit the bottom, but I am hoping for the best.

Have no doubt I will be a   menace to the neighborhood in no time.

More later.


  1. I can just imagine you zipping around in your chair...steer clear of the magnolias and enjoy the fresh air!

  2. Well,that's really good news - and you 'sound' a lot brighter already.
    I didn't know wheelchairs were fitted with ejector seats... You be careful now,- or you may end up back in that goddam hospital!
    All the very best,Mo, and keep yer pecker up!

  3. Lo - Bib was crazy dangerous on that thing - remember that you don't have to floor it, if Rob is still there he can teach how to do a wheely - when we picked one up for Bud, Rob took to the streets and zipped around, Bud ran into doorways, Bib took out chunks of wall...for Godsake be careful on that contraption -

    Love - Bruce

  4. just want to report that I did a creditable job in my first voyage in the electric chair........(hmmmmmthat sounds a bit ghastly....I had better call it the hoveround....)navigated the ramp pefectly and am doing well indoors too....I think I have the knack....low speed only tho......and no wheelies. have not destroyed any walls or furniture yet....