Sunday, April 4, 2010

She Is Not Dead..........She Is Just Away.........

I have always hated that euphemism or whatever the hell they call that..........of course she  is dead........when she begged them to shoot her last Tuesday they took her at her word.........consequently this blog will be continued by some imposter or other and hopefully you will not even notice the difference.....they do amazing things with these androids.,,.,.,.

This body is now inhabited by said imposter, a bunch of titanium hardware or spare computer parts and a monumental case of the dreaded malady, The Enormous Hospital Bloat.   Just managed to get my laptop working again and have regained sufficient spirit to give a good goddam........and  I ........WTF where did the italics come from//???........never mind.....small details are insignificant.........just want to thank all you dear souls for your good wishes and kind thoughts.

I, or a reasonable facsimile, will be going home to my beloved house and kitties next Friday......God willing having survived not only my self destruction but the best reconstructive efforts of the local ironmongers union.

Meanwhile they continue to torture me unmercifully with this thing called Physical Therapy.........but much more about that later.  

This has been a fascinating interlude.....a strange sort of vacation  at an all-inclusive resort called Camp Hertzalot..............if it is all the same to you, next time I think I will  opt for the cruise and tour of Cannibal Island during which we are given the opportunity to be boiled in oil along with a few tasty Missionaries.

My best love to you all and the kindest thing I can offer is to say," Glad you are NOT here".


  1. I dare to think you are feeling a little better, because this is one funny, feisty post! Sorry to hear that you are stuck at Camp Hertzalot, but delighted that you MAY be home as early as Friday!

  2. Titanium Lo, now that sounds like a superhero name to me! Really great to have such a spirited post from you. Keep getting well, we miss you! :-)

  3. ...but if they made hospitals and/or rehab centres like 4* hotels a lot of us would just hang on in there!- hence the awful food, staff recruited from Madame Cruella's dungeon etc.(well, it's just a theory, but few people seem to have a GOOD hospital experience these days.)
    Hang on then darlin' and just keep counting the days 'til Friday. No doubt your cats will be lining up a reception for you as Chief tin-opener!

  4. Yay! I love this post... not just because you're back in action, but because it truly made me laugh out loud... the best indicator that you're on the mend! Good luck with the PT. Hugs!

  5. Whoopee! You are back, and making me laugh like a loon!! Only you could go through this and still maintain that wonderful sense of humor,,,If you think you lost it, believe me dear, it is there!! Thank God!! Special blog!!

  6. Before you know it you shall be home again.
    You have such a wonderful sense of humor and I know it shall see you through all of this!

    Take the best of care, Lo.
    I keep you in my good thoughts.

    Margie x