Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday 2 am

Just woke up after a decent 4 hour snooze and am too awake to fall back to sleep without greeting all you remarkable folks..,......wit and brilliance did not waken with me......sorry about that.......but if you can tolerate a few lines from Dullsville this will at least reassure you that the spark of life still flickers fitfully.

I am in that childish pastime of counting the  days,,,,,,just a few more till Friday and the prospect of  getting home to my kitties and hummers.........oh, joy!   Meanwhile I patiently await the harbinger of the new day here.......the cheerful lady who arrives around 6 am with the off-putting pronouncement, "I am here to take your blood.".........of course they already have most of it.......I can only hope they will leave a few drops in case I should meet some needy Vampire on the way back to North Hollywood.

This is all you get for now........I will check back in later........just want to thank all you dear souls for hanging in with me through it all.   Love you madly.


  1. ...and I bet you didn't even get a nice cup of tea afterwards!(Maybe she's a vamp.in disguise?)Hey, there's a good plot idea: "The Vampire Hospital"! Only four days to go now, my lovely (I guess three if they kick you out at the crack o' dawn!)Hope you're continuing to make good progress towards a full recovery.

  2. Bless you Willie......you are a loyal soul. Thanks for the sweet words.

  3. Crickey, she sounds scary! You have to get a nice cup of tea and a choccie biccie! It is obligatory in the UK!

  4. So glad to hear you are up and about, even with the pain and metal. I'm sure your kitties will be over the moon to see you on Friday.

    Rest up and make sure you're getting enough liquids!

  5. Another blog! Hallelujah!! Short, but I still enjoyed...I wanted to call, but I am out of minutes, so seeing your blog tells me that even though you are not where you want to be, yet, you are getting better. Good news!!

  6. Glad you're going home. Hospitals are no place for the sick and injured.

    Take care.