Friday, April 9, 2010

friday 4/9

damn, damn, damn.........or should I just go for it and say, "shit, piss, fuck.

Hit a glitch and it looks like I will be incarcerated for another day.  A spot of atrial fibrulation.......(sp>)
Still hoping to go home tomorrow.  (don't care much if I live or die but I want to do it at home !)

my hip is doing soon as they fix the cardiac tango I will be better.

Don't give up on me.    More later.


  1. We'll never give up on you Lo! Sorry to hear about the delay, hope you get home very soon. x

  2. A.F.? Had it for years! (usuallly brought on by stress/anxiety etc)Needs to be checked out(ECG/echocardiogram)-hour job at the most.Surprised they didn't pick it up on your admission, as they would have done a 'routine' B.P.- (plus your 'daily' T.P.R. chart)so my guess is it's just a 'blip'(but can be quite frightening - my pulse can go up to +200/min!)
    Can usually be controlled by medication, but the normal procedure here is to 'watch and observe' for a month or so, and many folk just 'live with it'. My guess is that they'll kick you out tomorrow, and write to your G.P.
    Main thing is not to WORRY about it. Take care.

  3. Hang in there! "Relax" (hah! not easy, I know) and let them take care of you for one more day. Glad your hip is doing better!

  4. Damn , damn, damn! Thought about you all day..Was happy this was your "release" day. But hang in there Lo,,You have made it thus far, and will be home soon..They can't keep a good gal down!! Love, Ida

  5. Hi Lo

    Keep on cursing and getting better........

    Much love

    Liz x