Sunday, April 11, 2010


finally got home and doing OK mostly..My angel cousin, Jen  yes, granddaughter of the famous Aunt Jennie
is with me and caring for me..she came down from Portland to be my salvation.  The cats finally decided to allow me to stay...........

I only know one thing....hospitals are no place for sick people.

more later.


  1. Hear Hear! Now you take it nice n' easy for a while, and let your 'Angel' take over the cats, plants, birds etc etc etc!

  2. Glad to know you're home........ relax and let your 'angel' look after you!

    Much love

    L x

  3. We all need angels looking after us every now and then. So glad you are home!

  4. Hooray, you are home. And hooray for your angel cousin, too. Hope you are able to relax and feel a whole lot better.

  5. Hi Cousin Lois! It's Kenny, Bruce's "little" brother. Welcome home from the hospital. I resonated with the Aunt Jennie comment...I'm sure it's the same Aunt Jennie I remember visitng in West Philly up a neat elevator as a kid with Dad in the 1950s...Uncle Bill and Aunt Jennie! Wow!