Sunday, June 20, 2010

Invasion of the Alien Commenters

I am still reeling  from a weird happening on this blogsite yesterday and I don't know quite what to make of it.
Like most hungry  bloggers, after publishing my offering I checked back later to lap up and/or roll around on the ground in any comments you darlings left me, I found (to my utter horror) 8 piles of poop from some Asian travel agency.

The words were nearly meaningless and were not necessarily evil but they caused  a shiver of horror to go up my spine.  I felt somehow defiled and vulnerable.  I suspect the same generic garbage was probably posted on a multitude of blogs so I do not feel like I was personally singled out, but suddenly the Blogosphere (sp?) did not seem its usual sweet, friendly place and I am somewhat shaken and a mite furious ..........nay, make that hugely furious.  Gone is my peaceful if foolish complacency.  How dare those commercially motivated illiterates burst my bubble?  Grrrr and arrrrgggghhhh!

My fingers are still twitching in a frenzy to fasten about their probably grimy necks and beat their skulls against the asphalt while gleefully squeezing the life out of them, ( a bit carried away there) but I decided that all I could do would be to edit out the offensive comments, delete the whole blog and republish............sigh.

Have any of you more seasoned Bloggers had similar experiences?  I am suddenly understanding why some of you choose to approve the comments before allowing them to be published.......perhaps I should consider doing the same.  (if I can just figure out how to do it).  I dunno.......I guess innocence lost can never be regained.......sob.

Anyway.....if any of you detect strange anomalies about the dates or times in the republished blog you need wrinkle your brows no further.  It's only Lo doing her best to fight Blog Graffiti.....or should I call it Soft Porn?

Lesson for today.....nothing (not even the Blogosphere) is sacred.   ( took you 83 years to learn THAT?)


  1. Well, I was really offended a while back to discover that someone I followed was a creepy bigot. I mentioned the offensive post and some of my comments said that a blogger has the right to say what they wish..of course..they can be a moron if that's what they are!! But I moved away and on...
    Also I get some weird stuff from anonymous, delete immediately! I get all comments first in my email, and then accept or delete..I don't automatically get the comment posted.
    Good matter what, you're the winner..remember that!

  2. I see a lot of posters that complain of the same thing.
    To reset: Go to your "Dashboard", Click on "Settings", click on "Comments" and adjust your settings! :)
    The Comment Moderation is the important one! :)
    Good luck!

  3. Hi Lo, Just delete their comments...they are idiots. As long as you are signed in on your blog a little garbage can will appear next to all the comments. Click on the can, and it will ask you if you want to delete the comment forever..and of course you do.. it will just magically disappear from your blog..DO NOT give these idiots any are in charge babe!
    This is your very own room..I do not have word verification on my blog either or comment approval..I hate all those strange words you have to type in.:)

  4. Ah, Far Side.....thanks for that info......I never noticed that garbage can before........

  5. It is exceptionally annoying. I put comment moderation on for comments over 5 days old. It seems to prevent the vast majority of them. At least it was the travel agency and not the porn. That's rather irksome too.

  6. I just delete, delete, delete and move on. It is an automated thing that we have no control over. Yes, it feels violating, but I know it has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with me. I don't even bother to change my posts. I just delete the comments. I don't moderate, so I just figure that's what I get.

  7. You don't have to unpublish the post because the comments aren't permanently attached to it. Trash can! Delete forever! Done!

    I don't mind signing in and giving a password to leave a comment on a site ... that's what the function is for, to nip this stuff in the bud. The hackers get your blog address from other sites you've joined/followed. Nothing anybody can do about that. They harvest that, just as they harvest email addresses and spam them. Grrrr.

    BTW you're cute when your dander's up. LOL.

  8. Yes, be angry. Also, take it as a compliment that your blog is getting big enough to get noticed by them.

  9. Lo, Don't you dare let some low life stop you from blogging!!! So many people enjoy reading what you have to say, and it is very apparent that the fans that commented feel the same way I do. Outraged,,and worried that you will become discouraged by the crap,,Hang in there and show them what they are up against! Definitely not a quitter!! Love you, Ida

  10. Hi Lo, I only put full comment moderation on when I'm on holiday like this week just gone. The rest of the time I just delete comments that are nothing to do with my blog or offensive. It very rarely happens though so personally I'm quite content! :-)

  11. I started moderating comments on my blog a few years ago after an influx of the same sort of spam comments. Even the fact that there were quotes from "Frank Merriwell's Foes" in some of the spam didn't soften my heart.

  12. I think I'm jealous Lo. Nobody even bothers to stalk me! Yeah, I'm sure it is quite annoying. People trying to advertise something (particularly in a foreign language) is really bad all kidding aside. Ignore it, delete it, and move on! Don't stop blogging. You are truly a delight to read.