Sunday, June 20, 2010

Update of Some Sort

There's no use my whining about my delinquencies and grovelling for mercy and forgiveness....again......I think I have worn out that gambit.  I might as well just charge right in and tell you what it has been like for the past week since I had to bid a tearful farewell to my caregiver, the amazing Consolee. The sad fact was that she required a 12 or at least an 8 hour shift in order to live and I, growing more impoverished by the minute, had to cut her down to 4 hours or file for bankruptcy.  After a lifetime of penny pinching and frugality of the most wicked sort I have been watching my dollars flow in a torrent into the coffers of the Home care agency.

The brutal fact is that Medicare does not cover my being waited on hand and foot..sob........for the first 60 days of my invalidism the cost of care is all mine, after which, hopefully, my long term care insurance will kick in and pick up a goodly part of the tab.  (the claim has been filed and the paperwork is being soon as the paper shuffling is complete I should be getting some relief from that disgustingly expensive Insurance I have been paying for for what seems like half of my life......huzzah! )

Still, there was much moaning and shrieking and rending of garments as I  watched my Angel trot down the walkway to a job offering her a 12 hour shift and I was sure I would never find an acceptable substitute.  However, I dutifully called the agency and, in a moment of desperation, told them that I would consider either man or woman fact, I hinted that perhaps a man might be even better because he could more easily pick me up if  I (perish forbid) fell down....roughly translated that meant that he could more easily shlepp 20 lb bags of birdseed  and kitty kibble from car trunk to garage etc. )  Needless to say, that task is not on the list of accepted items for maintaining patient health..........(though it IS crucial to maintaining MINE.)

Well, oh hell, you have all been so kind and patient  so I will not drag this tale out interminably.  I fear you will consider me fickle and flighty if I tell you that I have been fortunate enough to get a remarkable replacement.......I know....I can't believe it myself, but would I lie about such a monumental thing?  Let's just say that I am undoubtedly the luckiest idiot on the face of the planet because the owner of the Agency  appeared the next day with a miracle named Mickey who has turned out to be perfect in so many ways that I still can't believe it.  Sadly, he does not want to learn to crochet but he is a demon at hauling those bags of birdseed and kibble and, are you ready for this...he is more than willing to feed the birds, fill the hummingbird feeders replenish the porch buffet and SCOOP THE KITTY BOXES even.  (Oy.....I can't believe I could be so blessed).  Even better, he wants only a 4 hour shift so I do not have to fret about my depriving him of more income.   Beside his various skills and abilities, he and I share so many likes, dislikes and opinions that we can sometimes talk for hours..... or NOT...... making for a very pleasant and comfortable environment.  So, although I miss Consolee as one misses a friend who is suddenly less available, I will get to see her on her days off and, in the meantime, I am being cared for excellently by my new friend, Mickey.  Seems like there should be a blare of trumpets here or something.  Perhaps a few fireworks going off or some cannons booming.....well, you know what I mean.

Meanwhile, I am still working toward 100% recovery......not quite there yet but I am using a cane part of the time now.  I am finding myself getting impatient  because the progress is much slower but I know that I cannot expect huge improvement every day......I will learn to be patient.........somehow.  I am, of course, hugely grateful for my recovery so far and for all the wonderful things that have come out of this adventure.

As my pal,  St. Anne of Devon might say, "life is bloody amazing."  And as my old pal, Dorothy, would probably have said, "damned right and shit, piss fuck besides."


GTChristie said...
Ooooh ... see there? My dad once said "the future is only unknown until you get there." And my atheist brother once slipped and said "god only gives you as much as you can take." Yeah, and s p f besides. That lady must have been a hoot. LOL.
Eternally Distracted said...
it's true that everything happens for a reason... Now you have the best of both worlds and everyone is happy :0)

Yvette said...
I was beginning to wonder if you were planning a cruise. LOL. I did home care for many years. Very fulfilling but back breaking work. Glad to hear you're doing well. Take care.


  1. Ohhh..a gentleman named he easy on the eyes? :)

  2. Oh, Far are too funny. I am no longer in the market, so to speak, and besides, he has a girl friend who is gorgeous and of whom I totally approve.

  3. I'm glad you found someone that knows the sort of assistance you need! From birdfeeder to kitty box.

    I just hopr he never needs to lift you from the floor - I hope your recovery is complete and (more) speedy.

  4. I just love happy endings, or happy new beginnings, as the case may be.

  5. New beginnings are what I'm always about these days. Consolee is a heart warmer. Mickey is a work horse. One for the other. And strangely, I find it's a once in a lifetime thing to find everything we need in just one personage.