Friday, January 21, 2011

Adventures of the Other Kind

I learned a very interesting and sobering thing today......Life's adventures are not all fun and games........beside the joyous, memorable, inspiring, frothy and glittery ones there can be those offering dark challenges  and involving a lot of  pain and suffering.  Yet,  these episodes which somberly decorate the landscape of our life's path ARE adventures too.......just of a different kind.   And, of course, if you have been hanging around me for any length of time you know that I am going to add the fact that they always have the most precious  lessons attached, whether we are ready to learn them or not.


(I thought I already knew many more times, Lois?)

For instance, many of you may be aware that I recently defied my sensible side (I don't know about  you other Astro signs, but Gemini's have 2 opposing halves, one may be  sweet, civilized and sensible while the other is raucous, uncouth, unmanageable, occasionally dangerous to one's self and others  and quite obviously Batshit Crazy (thanks, Mary Moon)........well, as I was saying, one day 2 weeks ago when I wasn't paying attention I seem to have  allowed myself to adopt  this here new homeless, needy kitty.  Suffice it to say, the very last thing a tottering,schlepedicka  old Cat Lady needs, really, is another cat.   Never mind......that logic belongs in the world of sanity wherein I obviously no longer dwell.

Having spent the past 2 weeks rushing around closing some cats into some rooms while encouraging other cats into different rooms.......then reversing the procedure, juggling innumerable food dishes and kitty boxes into places they have never been  before and shouting useless commands like, "No, no, don't you spit at her!,  Stop growling you silly cat!. I'm telling you, she won't hurt you, why don't you believe me?  (and most importantly)  Lois, now is the perfect moment to commit yourself to the funny farm!?", I am merely a tattered remnant of my former self.

Not only do I find myself  tenderly hand feeding this weak and frail little creature as she lounges in my bed, but I have finally allowed myself to realize that, despite my current somewhat anemic finances, what is really needed here is a trip to the Vet.  And what THAT means, aside from the horror of ending up having to administer the dreaded pills and droppers of liquid meds, is my complete and utter mpoverishment.   Antibiotics, subcutaneous fluids, Xrays, Blood Tests, heat treatments, coldpacks and no doubt psychotherapy........... I see the remains of my vast fortune,which was somehow not totally decimated by all my previous cats, disappearing down the gullet of this little gray waif who, even as we speak, is no doubt waiting impatiently for me to appear and hold under her chin  her 8pm Smoothie  (Friskies' Mixed Grill blended with homemade chicken broth to just the right sipping/lapping consistency).

Lest you think that I exaggerate, I must tell you that I have just returned from Vet Visit #1 clutching the dreaded antibiotic and a receipt for a down payment on the National Debt.  Poor baby has an undetermined infection, a fever over 105 and  was badly dehydrated before receiving subcutaneous fluids and a shot of antibiotics.........................

Does anyone doubt that psychotherapy lurks very far behind?  The question is.......
for whom.....her or me?


  1. You have to be one of God's special creations, dear lo. I do not know another soul on this earth with your compassion...Oh how I wish all of this was on camera,,,,Of course being the worlds biggest bawl baby, I would cry my eyes out...but I truly think you would inspire so many to treat animals with love..Still say you are one in a million!!!

  2. Dear Lois:
    I love cats, too, and know the feeling of having to care for this waif. The poor little mite has a lot of problems and I hope all your loving care and vet attention will bring her to health. Bless you for taking in this little orphan. I have now read all your postings and those about your dear Pete. He was quite a guy.Please keep on blogging. When you miss a day I miss it too.

  3. I can't think of anyone less in need of psychotherapy, Lo. Anyone who cares about cats can walk on water in my estimation. It's all the REST who are BSC (Batshit Crazy) - not you. Or me. ;o)

  4. Oh you are truly an angel to the poor little cat. Who knows, maybe when she's all well she'll turn into a fairy godmother and make all your wishes come true.

    But in reality I do believe that you are the fairy godmother who just made all this cat's wishes come true. :)

    I like your blog. :)

  5. I hope itty bitty kitty appreciates the efforts you're making (though probably not). Good luck with those tablets!

  6. My sister is a Gemini -- 'nuff said, but at least you KNOW what's going on... that said, you are a true Angel and that is one lucky kitty. Vet bills around here are astronomical and one doesn't trust the other. So, unless you're a regular, your pet has to get all the shots over again before they'll do anything because "they don't know if the other vet was qualified to do it right!" ... oh, please... You could put a donations Paypal button on your site for pussy care... just sayin'... come visit when you're through working out a new budget...

  7. You're a true kitty~angel ~~~ and no psychotherapy needed ~

  8. It's the reason i keep the fluids and antibiotics in the house -- they know i am crazy kitten lady and will have tons of these problems. I even get a discount for having so many, when the rescue group isn't paying.

    Thank you for caring for her.

  9. Join "the club" Lo! I know many otherwise rational, balanced, sensible humans who go without necessities in order to attend to some scrawny, undernourished four-pawed waif who happened to cross their path. Of course, I would never do that!!!

    Daisy's Barbara

  10. Oh, Lo. I think we may define "batshit crazy" as a malady for which there is no cure. And there are many different variations. You obviously have the Cat-Rescuer strain.
    I am sorry.

  11. You are an Angel..your menagerie is keeping you busy and broke..what else would you spend that money on anyway? :)