Thursday, October 13, 2011

Humph ! Fickle Followers......Can't a Person Just Sit Down and Rest?

Yes, yes, I know it's true......I have been invisible and silent in the blogosphere recently and I apologize to all you beloved folk who keep checking in eagerly and have to leave disgruntled and unsatisfied.

What's worse will not  be much  better but I notice that followers are deserting me by the handful....ingrates, wretches.......and I decided I had better utter a few small grunts and squeaks to let you know I have not traveled on through that dark tunnel to the light....not yet.  Just  been busy with several projects.

To the faithful few, I will be back soon, I promise.

And to the others I say......Feh!  (not what I really want to say, but "feh" looks more civilized than what I really want to say.)  Love ya' all.


  1. Deserted, Oh no......
    Dear Lo, those that do not adhere may be not worth bothering with.
    If blogging becomes a chore then don't worry, just blog when you feel like it.
    I always love it when I see your blog come up on the side bar, I know its going to be entertaining and logical, there's praise for ya.
    Keep well and positive

  2. One way or another I seem to always come out smiling from your blog.

  3. As long as you can still fog a mirror, you are doing fine. Will read you when you write.

  4. I can never figure out why followers come or go. Either one. I try to ignore.

  5. Unlike some, I'm not a deserter, never will be.

  6. Still here...

    Waiting patiently ~

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  8. Blogging is a great way to communicate as often or as little as you like. Lo, I simply have you listed on my Blogger reading list so that I'm alerted to the fact that you've been inspired to post a morsel.

    Not being tied to advertisers, we are not weighed down by deadlines nor expectations. I like it that way. The posts that do make it to the interweb are usually relished because they are so much better than some blogs that must put something---anything out there to read.

    Hope you're enjoying football season. I am.

  9. Won't abandon you, you are too special for that.

  10. Hello Lo
    Another g**gle reader reader here - when you write I read - have been known to click through and check as to whether you wrote and it didn't come through to the reader (as has been known to happen)
    Now and again I will assess who I follow and delete but only when I really am not interested anymore
    As I say if you write I will read (and relish every woed you wrote lol)
    Take care

  11. Having found a hair in the book sent (that's a lie!), I keep it right next to my cauldron, should there be a need -- if you get my drift. I, too, have the Google Reader and always check. We've been trying to ride the same horse and I haven't been as diligent as I should because there are things that have to be done and, frankly, the take time. I love each and every one of my followers but simply have to live my life, too. I await with eager breath for the next Lo missive!