Sunday, January 29, 2012

I Need Your Help

This is probably the weirdest blog I ever wrote and possibly that you ever read........particularly considering  the subject matter.  I will not dilly dally nor dither around the bush and will bravely accept any censure , flogging or stoning you might fling at me.......trying to remember and locate a blog I read recently is driving me crazy and only you guys can help.  (providing one or more of you happens to know which blog I am referring to and is willing to share.......which I fervently hope.....

Inspired by Murr Brewster's (Murrmurrs) recent brilliant blog concerning odd sex practices and Rick Santorum, I somehow happened upon a blog that was a sort of an Ann Landers Advice column type thing.  It displayed a letter from a perplexed wife who was complaining that she and her husband only had sex like twice a week, but that he much more frequently seemed to prefer his own hand to her charms and it was eroding her self-confidence.  The blog-writer's answer was a brilliant and wonderful essay on masturbation .......the punchline of which was that if she was getting great sex with her husband twice a week she should give thanks rather than rock the boat.

Have any of you dear readers seen the post and can you tell me who the Blogger is and the name of the Blog?  I long to reread it and perhaps even quote from it in a blog of my own.  (yes, I can talk dirty).

Any info will be greatly appreciated.


  1. Sounds like Dan Savage's Savage Love. :D

  2. Dang, Lo. Even if you don't find it, this was hysterical.

  3. I'd love to know what/where it is, too!

  4. Whatever you do -- DON'T Google it! There are some doors that should never be opened by anyone over the age of 60! Give us time. We'll find it. Come visit when you can.

  5. Twice a week? Lucky man. It was always doggy style at our house in the old days. I sat up and begged and she rolled over and played dead.

    Now with a young and beautiful wife, I am trying to raise the dead as the old joke goes.

  6. Now then Lo - whatever makes you think we'd be reading 'that sort of stuff' - I have to bookmark sites like that even if I know I might not come back to them. Its amazing whats tucked away in my 'brown paper package' favourites folder, must do some purging sometime.
    I'm definitely hoping someone enlightens you of the blog address 'cause I'd like to have read of it too lol
    BTW thanks for the mention in your previous post. Its been sweltering hot for the past week or more and guess what I've been wearing??
    Take care

  7. Here's a trick that works sometimes. If you are using Internet Explorer, find the button for "History" (if you dont see a button, go to the menu at the top of the window, then click View then Explorer Bars >>, then History. This should bring up a side panel on the left with a long list (history by date). Scroll down and find the day you want to go back to (or just go back through the list day by day) and look at the names of sites you've been to. Unless you're deleting your history periodically, it should be in there somewhere.

    You might not remember now what it was called, but you'll probably know the site name when you see it.

    You can close that side pane by clicking the little X at the top of it (probably says "Add to Favorites" next to it).

    If you're using Firefox, "History" is in the top row (File / Edit / View / History). Choose "Show all history" from the list and work your way through until you see what you're looking for.

    Good luck.

  8. You know, that excellent advice of GTChristie's never even occurred to me even though I go back and check my history often. You'll find it there and no earlier than last Wednesday, when my post went up. Oh, were we speaking of posts going up?