Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ahhh....I Can Sleep Tonite and You Can All Stop Looking...

I am thrilled to report that the brilliant GTChristie of The Moxie Files has come up with, not the answer to my query, but with a way of getting it, and, by George, get it I did !!!

Bless his kind heart and vast stores of knowledge.....who knew that that little tab up in the left hand corner of the screen labelled "History" can give you every damned site you  ever visited, if you have the time and strength to scan each entry into infinity..

You all may have known, but I didn't, and lo and behold, after only 10 or 12 abortive attempts to zero in on the right time frame, I FOUND  the blog about sex which I was looking for and which I mentioned in my last post.  Naturally, after all this fuss I will gladly offer it up for anyone wishing to slake their curiosity or sink so low into the tawdry details, but not tonite.  My eyeballs and fingers are too tired.

Thanks to all of you who so valiantly tried to help me......I love you for that.  And many thanks to the beloved GTC.......you should all be grateful to him too.

Needless to say......more later.


  1. Lo, Don't you love learning something new about computing?

  2. Lo...you have enriched my life!! I now know what that is for and no doubt will look there often to see what is going on in my I.T. world!!

  3. ...and to think I spend a good amount of time erasing all that history!!! Also the flash history too! :)

    You are adorable, Lo!!

  4. 1) Yeehah. You're quite welcome.
    2) Loveyouback
    3) Wondering what I just uncorked (LOL)
    4) I always delete my history and once in awhile it doesn't hurt to clear out some of that stuff. Hackers can use it if they ever get hold of your files. Although in this case...
    5) Many people would look at the instructions and say "Too many steps!" and give up before they started. You, however, are totally unintimidated. Indomitable even. One of the things I like about you. You're such a trooper.