Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Who me? Aw Shucks........(Sigh.....Moan of Delight)

         This glorious award was given to me by Brian Sibley whom I love madly

     I  am totally  discombobulated by this unexpected honor and have obviously cast a spell upon my computer which refuses to format lines to my liking.  I do not know how to get our of this strange columnular format but I am afraid to do anyuthing drastic for fear of losing the whole damned thing.

Consequently, I am simply going to fall on my knees and kiss the hem of Brian's coat in thanks  (is that a   bit too extreme?)  
I would like to nominate my 5 choices to whom I wish to pass on this honor but I refuse to do it while in the strangling grip of this malfunction, so  I am going to publish this and follow it up with another blog with my choices.  Forgive my incompetence.....I would be ashamed if I weren't so damned proud!



  1. Congratulations, Lo. Sorry I can't help with the formatting but you have smart blogger followers. they will be along soon

  2. It looks to me as though you have centred the text under the uploaded image. There are three settings for text: range left, right and centred. I think that maybe you are typing your text within the centred-position of the html code belonging to the picture.

    Check by looking at your post in html form. The illustration should be shown by a piece of code that ends with any part of the following (but without gaps*): / > < / a >

    If that appear at the end of your text then that explains your problem. Cut off any bits that are there and repaste them on the end of the html belonging to the image and then it should then be possible to range the text to the left as per normal... I think!

    I was going to leave a comment on your blog to say:

    "Visit my blog post Blogged & Beloved for what I hope will be a pleasant surprise!"

    BUT you've already found out!

    * I had to put in the gaps as the system read what I typed as an incomplete piece of html! :)

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  4. Messed it up big time the first time, so i'll try again.


    Don't worry about the formatting trouble; to err is human but to really foul things up requires technology! (And if you don't believe me, ask about my first comment!)

  5. Congratulations, Lo!!! Well deserved!

  6. Your next post will be normal again. The column format bothering you is under the spell of the award picture itself, which redefined the following lines when you pasted it in. Nothing permanent. (Famous last words. LOL.)