Thursday, February 2, 2012

In Which I Pass on the Liebster Blog Award

I am still trembling with surprise and delight over Brian Sibley  (BRIAN SIBLEY : his blog)awarding me the Liebster Blog Award and I am still blushing with shame that I lost control over my page format and let the computer devil have his way with me in my last blog where I acknowledged the honor.....Now, I must pass on the award to 5 of my favorite bloggers who do not have more that 200 followers.

However that is not as easy as it sounds....many of my favorites have followers lined up around the block and some of the blogs do not show how many at all.

I am going to violate the rules just  teeny bit and blame it on my poor eyesight.  One of the most interesting blogs I follow has just sneaked past 200, but I am going to pretend I did not see that.  Consequently, here are my choices and I bless each one for many hours of delight.  I hope you will find joy in them as well.

1.  Murrmurrs   by the incredible Mary of the funniest and most brilliant blogs I am privileged to read.

2 News From Nowhere by Alan Burnett.....not only interesting, informative and delightful, but he writes Two, the second with his dog .

3.    a little light in london Lizzie.....this is my latest addiction, and what a fabulous find.

4. April's April who never fails to make me smile.

5. AngelMay's Growing Angel May......another pleasure I can count on......sometimes I even say, "I wish I had written that."

Now I wish everyone a rip-roaring good time.....some of you basking in the glow of appreciation and others enjoying new pleasures. 

By the way.....apologies for screwing up the links above.  I hope I have fixed them.  Many thanks to Daisy of Furr-licity for pointing out the errors.


  1. New worlds for us to explore ~ Yippee!!!!!

  2. Hi Lo!
    the link for #2 doesn't work! Enjoying the others. Thanks for the links!
    Barbara and Daisy

  3. whoops! #4 links back to you Lo!

  4. Thanks Lo for point me in the direction of some worth while blogs.

  5. Well chosen Lo. Murrmurrs is my favorite political oriented blog. Irony and sarcasm fit the current political stance of the wing nuts. I don't comment or follow most politically oriented topics these days those, as folling to closely thos things that give me headaches and acid reflux is not the best policy . I'm taking too many pills already...

  6. Oh, Lo, thank you so much! And thank you troutbirder for your wonderful comments here and at my place. I don't think of my blog as politically oriented because I try to space those posts out between posts about poop and other oddities. But yeah--I do have my opinions, and they Will Out. As does poop.

  7. Thank you so much for the nomination, and for the kind words. I had received one or two new visitors and I wondered who had sent them over - now I know. Once again, thanks for your support.

  8. Hello! I just found your blog and I think it's AMAZING! The pics are great and I can see that You really like what you do here! I love people with great ideas, like you!
    Your blog is inspiring! I will follow you!

  9. Wow Lo! I am so completely touched and flattered! Your blog always makes me smile too. Even if I'm not commenting, I'm reading. Thank you sweet friend! You really made my day!