Sunday, April 22, 2012

Here Is a Real Role Model.....I Am In Awe

This is AMAZING -- she doesn't look or act a day over 81 herself!
An amazing lady, 101 years old driving an 81 year old car; she changes
the oil and spark plugs herself! This is priceless.
Note at the very end of the video clip when she steps on a small red towel
as she gets in the car; the towel is there so she won't dirty the
running board - once in the car she picks up the towel and puts it
in the car so she can use it when she gets out. What a pistol she


  1. I think I might be in love!!

    I also like the car.

    Cranky Old Man

  2. Thanks for sharing this one.

  3. Amazing, thanks for sharing this.

  4. And she's even got a great bumper sticker!

  5. Wonderful, such spirit.
    I want her to make a film with her secrets of how to get ot 101 and still be great like she is.
    Thanks for sharing that with us.

  6. WOW. What an inspiration - and what a beautiful car.
    Thanks for posting up the link, Lo! x

  7. Sweet! As to eblog annoyed with those people. I tend to find many "improvement" i.e. upgrades of exising technology overcomplicated and uneeded. Grrr. Thanks for the info.

  8. Incredible! wow! If I am to live to be that age, I want to be like her....!

  9. thank you Lo.

    i tweeted it for you. she is like you, full of life and smiles..xx

  10. Wow! white walls and a rumble seat! Love that car! Would love to meet Margaret and go for a ride some day!

  11. This is amazing,,,Gives me hope ha ha,,Peaceful Warrior is right..She does remind me of you,You've told me things you have done that put me to shame!!!Manual and thoughtful things.Like today...Thank you again dear friend..Still making me a bit weepy. Love you,