Friday, April 27, 2012

A Short Update....Mostly Groan and Grumble

Haven't blogged lately because I am going though a bad spell.  My inner ear malady has recurred making me mostly deaf and considerably dizzy.  And Winnie has taken to shitting on my bed and in various other places besides the kitty box.   What ever made me think I loved cats?  I will not even mention my vision problems....

 In desperation I have even ordered a hearing aid online just to see if anything might help till my ears clear up.........(Florence is very soft spoken and cannot or will not remember to speak louder and I am sick and tired of saying, "Louder, please.")    I am sick and tired of lots of things right now.......hence,  my mood is very dark and not conducive to frivolity. 

Be patient and the other Lois may return shortly.....for all of our sakes, I certainly hope so.


  1. I sure hope you'll be feeling better, soon. I SAY, I HOPE YOU'LL BE FEELING BETTER SOON.

    Sorry, I just couldn't resist. And, I know you have a great sense of humor.

  2. Here's hoping it's just a passing phase, both for you and for the naughty kitty!

  3. It IS always something. I've been reading you for some time, and am sorry that the somethings are piling up on you. Hope the ear improves, there's just nothing like a bad ear to make a person nuts. The new blogger user interface is surprisingly unattractive. You would think they could do better. I do like the page view count, and the fact that it's now possible to make a link open in a new window, rather than leaving the blog, but the rest of it is really the same functionality but very confusingly arrayed. Clearly they need a larger group of beta testers, I volunteered but have not heard from them.

  4. Oh, Lo!!
    Sitting with you in this rough spot you are going through just now ~ sending you vibes for patience, deep breaths, and gentle hugs ~~~
    Florence ~ speak up!!!!

  5. Damn, and all those things you say. I was totally deaf from an ear infection for two weeks. Then my lovely ENT man had me swallow water while he simultaneously blew air up one nostril while he held the other shut. I could hear again. I was on a desert island while I couldn't hear. With no birds or breeze. I'm hopeing for you!

  6. Wise Lo, I dig you grumpy and sweet. Seriously. There are sprays at the pet store that will keep the cat off the bed, at least. Come back soon...

  7. Your mention of being sick and tired reminds me of the classic Madeline Kahn in Blazing Saddles..."I'm pooped!".

    Wonder if you may have a touch of Vertigo.

  8. Groan and grumble on please, Lo, we love you and you give us hope.xx

  9. For your ailments i have no suggestions, just prayers that you are better soon.

    For Winnie, well, i bottle raise orphaned kittens (we have 21 in the house now), so i do have a few suggestions, as my adult cats get snippy and do the same thing.

    First, take her to the vet and make sure there has been no physical change or problem that might have caused this difficulty. You can also ask the vet about solutions, they get questions like this all of the time, and sometimes have a trick or two up their sleeves.

    If she checks out well, think about what may have changed in her world that would cause her to act out. Cats often "mess" in inappropriate places all of a sudden because they are trying to get our attention about something, or they feel threatened in some way. If you find something, try to mitigate it if possible. This includes if the litter box has been moved recently, or if your cleaning schedule of it has changed in any way.

    Make sure there's nothing unusually stinky in the area of the box, that you haven't put any new air fresheners or sachets or anything else in the area. Try as much as you can to make sure everything in that area is as usual.

    If nothing comes up that way, try making the litter area more attractive. There is an admittedly rather expensive litter called "Cat Attract" that does often help.

    And finally, if all else fails, get a plastic mattress cover to keep messes from soaking through and ruining the bed, and buy the thickest clear plastic painter's drop cloth you can find. Every day, when you make your bed, roll the drop cloth out from under the bed and tuck it in all around, thus encasing the bed in plastic. It's easier to clean than the blanket/duvet/bedspread/whatever, and yet you can still see the pattern of the chosen bed cover.

  10. Hope you are soon feeling better Lo.

  11. I know the feeling of constantly asking someone to 'speak up' please... drives me insane... especially soft spoken women who even normal hearing people can't hear... all the time. If y'can't speak up where I can hear you... then write it down.

    Sorry for your bad awful grumpy time... I don't like those either.

    It will get better... or not. But 'it' will always be something....

  12. Sorry for the hard times and the mean cat. You don't have to be cheerful on our behalf, though. If you've got something to say, c'mon ahead and say it. Hope you feel better soon, though.

  13. Shit, Lo.

    Gettin' old ain't for sissies.

    I think it's high time you got a freaking break, sister.